Private sector strong bias against hiring Indian candidates in Malaysia

Indians get short end of the stick when applying for private sector jobs in Malaysia, says a survey. Are Sikhs in the same boat?

By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

If you are an Indian and you have had a tough time landing a job in the Malaysian private sector, hold your peace. You are not alone, according to a recent survey.

Recruitment study uses fictitious names with similar qualifications, finds Chinese males 10 times more likely to get callbacks than Indian men, reports Malaysian news portal MalaysiaKini.

Using fictitious names with similar qualifications, the report noted that a research team has learnt that Malaysian private sector employers have a strong bias against hiring Indian candidates.

A study into recruitment practices by Centre for Governance and Political Studies exposed a racial bias against ethnic Indian applicants who scored the least number of callbacks to attend job interviews, according to the article entitled ‘Private sector strong bias against hiring Indian candidates in Malaysia’.

Its director Zaidel Baharuddin said the study saw seven fictitious characters – three Malays, two Chinese and two Indians – each sending 547 applications for vacancies targeting business-degree holders.

Zaidel said the research team’s initial hypotheses was that ethnic Malays were the most discriminated against in Malaysia’s private sector, but that the findings proved otherwise, the report added.

In terms of the language requirements, the report quoted Zaidel as saying that despite all seven candidates stating an intermediate proficiency in their abilities to communicate in Mandarin, the study’s results again showed a bias in favour of the two Chinese applicants.

Punjabis and Sikhs are generally classified as Indians or ‘others’ in Malaysian.



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