Explore mishraat raags at Petaling Jaya Gurmat Sangeet Kirtan Darbar


| Event | Asia Samachar | 1 June 2016 | 

Gurmat Sangeet 2016 Poster2By Balvinder Singh

After a successfully inaugural Gurmat Sangeet Kirtan Darbar last year which showcased the first ever kirtan darbar where kirtan was done in the 31 sudh raags contained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS), the organisers are embarking on another first.

In a similar programme this year – to be held over the weekend (3-5 June 2016) at Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya from 5pm to 10pm daily – be prepared to hear kirtan sung in the 31 Mishrat Raags found in SGGS.


Renowned kirtani jathas, teachers and students from India, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Malaysia will participate in the event.

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There are 31 Sudh Raags in SGGS, which are considered main or single raags like Sri Rag, Malhar, Suhi, Gauri, Maaru and Tilang.


Mishrat Raags, also found in SGGS, are a combination of two or more (usually two) raags blended to create a combination of emotions and feelings. Like the previous year’s event, the kirtan will also be accompanied by stringed instruments like rebab, dilruba, taus and surmandal in the tradition of Gurmat Sangeet.

The objective of the event is to expose the Sanggat at large to the beauty and uniqueness of the Gurmat Sangeet tradition where the focal point is always the Shabad or Gurbani, with raag, instrumentation and percussion used as a medium to deliver the message in Gurbani. The event is also aimed at providing a platform for students of Gurmat Sangeet in Malaysia and Singapore to perform and to listen to some of the renowned masters of Gurmat Sangeet who will be participating in the event.

The event will be graced by renowned exponents of Gurmat Sangeet including Principal Sukhwant Singh (Amritsar), Dr Alankar Singh (Patiala), Veer Manpreet Singh (UK), Bhai Gurmukh Singh (Malaysia), Prof. Manbir Singh (Singapore), Bhai Anikbar Singh (Amritsar) and Bibi Meninder Kaur (Singapore). Local jathas, teachers and students from the Gurmat Sangeet Academy Malaysia and Singapore will also perform.

The event is jointly organised, among others, by the SGGS Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Sikh Naujwan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM), Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya and Baba Sucha Singh Ji Sangeet Academy Amritsar.


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