Leadership of Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Ipoh Seminar – Full recording

 | Ipoh, Malaysia | 6 Nov 2016 | Asia Samachar |

The full recording of the Ipoh-leg of the Leadership of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Conference featuring three speakers: Malaysian civil servant Karminder Singh Dhillion, Kuala Lumpur-based lawyer Manjeet Singh and educationist Dr Gurcharan Singh.

The Ipoh seminar was held at Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh (WGSI) hall on 5 Nov 2016.

Leadership of Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Ipoh Seminar

Date: 5 Nov 2016 (Saturday)

Time: 2pm-6pm

Venue: Hall, Wadda Gurdwara Sahib, Ipoh


1.30 pm – Registration
2.00 pm – Opening Prayer, Welcome
2.20 pm – Dr Karminder Singh
3.20 pm – Tea break
3.40 pm – Bhai Manjeet Singh
4.40 pm – Dr Gurcharan Singh
5.20 pm – Roundup by Dr Karminder Singh & Q&A
6.00 pm – Close

The Ipoh seminar is part of the Leadership of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji conference which took place in Petaling Jaya last month. One of its sideline programme was ‘Women In Sikhi: Beyond Gender’ conference.

The programme is organised by the Coalition of Malaysian Sikh Organisations (CMSO) with the active participation of SNSM, KDM, MGC, SWAN, SSSJMMSM, GNGGSF, SWSM, InSPiRE, GKDM, PPM, SSA, GSPJ, WGS Ipoh. Its media partners are Asia Samachar, Sikhi Lehar Malaysia and Sikhi Vichaar Forum.

The recording, courtesy of Malaysian-based Sikh Vichar Forum, was done by Harwan Singh.


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  1. Gurfateh Jios.
    A Seminar to bring to the fore The Leadership of the SGGS …our Leader who will lead us into the 21st Century and Beyond. The SGGS has been providing Leadership to the Sikh Panth from the Day 1469 when Guru Nanak ji came into this world….SATGUR NANNAK PARGITAYAH MITEE DHUINDDH JAGG CHANNANN HOYAH….GURU NANAK JI DA AAGMAAN SNASAAR TEH PAYEE DHUNDH NU hattah ke, pardah chukk dittah Hanera mitt giyah Sach da Suraj, Gyaan da parkassh hogiyah. When the Siddhs the Jogis questioned Guru nanak ji…. Oh Balak….who is your GURU and whose Chela are you..the “Child” Nanak (compared to the aged yogis and siddhs) replied..SHABAD GURU surat dhun chela…This SHABAD has been gifted to us via the 10 Nanaks and 35 other Bhagats and elevated Souls in the AAD GRANTH, The AAD Guru Granth sahib Ji as the Eternal GURU. The SGGS has provided able Leadership since the centuires past..and this Seminrr was held to explain that this Leadership is able to take us into the 21st Century.

    There can be ONLY ONE LEADER…and since the AAD GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI is accepted as the LEADER, then its imperative on us to follow this able leader unflinchingly and unquestioningly. But sadly, there are some misguided sikhs who have been misled to beleive that the SGGS is NOT Complete, its Leadership is NOT “SOLE LEADER” and that sikhs need a second CHHOTTAH LEADER..a chhottah Granth to provide whats “allegedly missing”. Its a FACT BEYOND DOUBT that the SGGS is COMPLETE simply by virtue of the FACT that its all about..only about the COMPLETE AKAL PURAKH..its the One and ONLY GRANTH that ONLY talks about the AAD…the CREATOR. This is why the GURU in his infinite wisdom put the AAD in its TITLE !! A Granth that only talks about the Complete AAD..as in AAD SACH, JUGAAD SACH..NNANAK HOSEE BHEE SACH…cannot by any stretch of the imagination be “incomplete..adhura..not finished..not saying the complete….only PIRI and no MIRI inside it ?? What a totally MISLEADING allegation devoid of any facts, or arguments. No sensible SIKH who actually KNOWS his COMPLETE GURU will ever doubt even for a CHHINN (a split second) moment that His GURU is “short”..has shortcomings..is incomplete..needs a complimentary chhottah granth to compliment HIM !!
    Only a seriously misguided sikh, bowing down to vested anti-sikh interests will take the time to believe in such utter rubbish and pay attention to bedside chhottah granths no matter who is said to be the writer..
    When Guru Gobind Singh Ji Matha tek and Passed on Gurgadee of the House of Nanak to The AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI, He left us with no doubts, no misgivings, He gave us the Clear Command: Sabh SIKHANN KO HUKM HAI..GURU MANIYO GRANTH……JO MILBO CHAHEH..KHOJ SHABD MEHN LEH..” gURU JI LEFT NOTHING TO CHANCE. the word used is GRANTH..singualr..meaning EK GRANTH..the AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI…..and the second qualifyer is the word “SHABAD”…the SHABAD is ONLY found in the GURU..and the GURU is the SGGS..the EK ..the One and ONLY GRANTH our Leader !!! Gurbani in SGGS amply clear that SATGUR BINAH hor kachee bani..bani Guru guru hai bani..and the SHABAD=GURBANI. whats NOT SHABAD is NOT GURBANI.Period.
    There can be many hundred thousand grnaths, books, kitabs, veds, purans, simrtees, ramyans, geetas, BUT there is ONLY ONE GRANTH THAR+TS GURU…the AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI that is the REPOSITORY of the SHHABAD that Guru Nanak ji brought from SAACHKHAND for us to accept as our LEADER. This SHABAD was propunded by the successor Nine Nanaks and 35 bhagats who came earlier whose Gurbani was personally collected by Guru nanak ji, affirmed by Guru Arjun ji and reaffirmed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji as SHABAD………………and to FIND HIM..the COMMAND IS…. KHOJH MEHN LEH !!
    The SHABAD is not found in chhotteh or waddeh granths..waste of time..even if some vested interests have mischievously attached GGS name to these books. A SIKH cannot be fooled to follow a fake “guru”..an IMPOSTER with fake ID.
    This Seminar which was so well attended that it went beyond the organsiers” expectations, and gladdened the hearts of the parchraks and speakers that there is a Large POOL of DISCERNING Sikhs, men, women, children teens, youth, who yearn to really KNOW thier TRUE GURU and not just be YES men haan Ji sat bachan ji types of blind shrdhaloos. Our Leader, Our GURU, the SGGS has the Vision, the Unique qualities to lead us into the 3rd Millineum, to face the challenges of the 21st century, and be successful Gursikhs and then Gurmukhs. It was really heartwarming to see the large crowd sit so attentively for nearly 4 hours and the livley Question and Answer session that followed to remove all DOUBTS as to who the EK GRANTH, EK PANTH, EK MAYADA stands for. Its the MIRI+PIRI Shabad GURU AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI..AAD SACH JUGAAD SACH NANAK HOSEE BHEE SACH. TRUE LEADER BEFORE, TRUE LEADER TODAY AND TRUE LEADER TOMORROW AND FOR ALL TIME…NONE OTHER..( choottah, waddah, neelah, peelah, brown, handwritten,printed, bachitar, chaubees, whatever)