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Khalsa Aid is captured in BBC documentary ' The Selfless Sikh: Faith on the Frontline' released in conjunction with the birth of Guru Nanak


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Ravi Singh and his mother captured in a BBC documentary on Khalsa Aid - PHOTO / PHOTO GRAB
Ravi Singh and his mother captured in a BBC documentary on Khalsa Aid – PHOTO / PHOTO GRAB

A just-released BBC documentary has described Ravi Singh, the founder and the face of humanitarian agency Khalsa Aid, as a British Sikh who took the “Guru’s sevaa to another level”.

Not contend to feeding those at his local temple, he regularly risks his own life to take aid to those most in need, and in some of the most dangerous places on the planet, says the documentary, entitled ‘ The Selfless Sikh: Faith on the Frontline’, released in conjunction with the birth of Guru Nanak.

“Yes, there’s danger. Is it worth the danger? It’s worth it for me because it’s the calling within,” says Ravi as the documentary crew team follows him into conflict-ridden northern Iraq.

“When we work in this region, we have to be very fast. You can’t stay in one place too long…We’re in a live conflict zone. Anything could change in any moment.”

The programme follows Ravi’s journey to northern Iraq, where he provides aid to Yazidi families who have fled their homes to escape the brutality of Islamic State. The film reveals the teachings of selfless service at the heart of his Sikh faith, according to a BBC synopsis on the 30-minute documentary.

“My faith actually plays a large part in this. It strengthens my resolve to carry on. As Sikhs, we have suffered prosecution. It shouldn’t make you hateful, it should make you stronger to serve others so that you can help those who are suffering what you have suffered,” he says.

The documentary also captures a charming moment when Ravi visits his mother in UK.

“I’m very proud, but I’m also very worried,” she says in Punjabi.

Ravi had turned his back to ‘his bad boy past’ some 17 years ago and made the decision to embrace his Sikh faith. He has made his life’s work to put the Sikh ideals to work not just at his local gurdwara but wherever help is needed most, the documentary says.


The Selfless Sikh: Faith On The Frontline

Sunday 13 November | 10.30pm-11.00pm | BBC ONE

This documentary marking the birthday of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, follows faith and action on the frontline, through the principle of selfless service that lies at the heart of the Sikh faith.

Every day in every Sikh temple across the world, doors are opened to all for free food or ‘langar’ – regardless of creed, colour, faith or background. It’s a principle that goes back 500 years to the founding Father of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, and is known as ‘seva’ or selfless service.

In this film we follow British Sikh Ravi Singh as he makes the extraordinary journey to northern Iraq, a month before the battle for Mosul. Not content with feeding those in his local Temple or people caught up in strife, he regularly risks his own life to take aid to those most in need in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Since 2014 he’s been providing a lifeline to 400 Yazidi families forced from their homes by the war against so called Islamic State group. We’ll reveal why he puts his life on the line for the Sikh teachings at the heart of his faith.

As the battle of Mosul unfolds and Iraq faces a further humanitarian crisis, with thousands expecting to lose their homes, this film gives a fascinating and unexpected glimpse of the world of those who have already suffered in this war, and whose relatives are still being held by so-called Islamic State group.

For Ravi, it’s the courage and bravery of these survivors in the face of such loss that inspires him to put his own life on the line to help them. And through Ravi’s work and the moving stories of those he has fought to help, we will reveal the powerful Sikh principle at the heart of Guru Nanak’s teachings: the belief that all Sikhs must serve humanity, regardless of race or religion.


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