Bubbly Ash goes mental

The chemist by day takes part in ‘The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth’, now playing in Kuala Lumpur

Ashvinder Kaur

Ashvinder Kaur, a chemist by day and an active Sikh volunteer, will be appearing in a unique event that attempts to shine awareness on the issue of mental health.

Ash, described as a bubbly “Indian films” enthusiast who loves dancing and has an aptitude for talking (a lot), was previously involved in the sold out Sikh-themed theatre production “Marjaana to Mittar”.

This time, she will be one of the collaborators of ‘The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth’, now playing in Kuala Lumpur. There will be a show tomorrow (28 Jan) as well as on Feb 1-4. Event Page, click here.

What exactly is ‘The Human Exhibit’? Picture a fine art gallery where you look at paintings and sculptures. Now replace that with people performing dance, spoken word, physical movement, monologues, dialogues, and music at different parts of Twenty20Two.

Utilising even the toilets, pantry, and storeroom, ‘THEM’ will take you on a journey of different mental health issues such as depression, schizophrenia, bulimia nervosa, gender dysphoria, bipolar, struggles of mental health, borderline personality disorder, and more, according to a statement from the organiser.

Being led through the journey into different mental conditions materialised by performance art, audience can expect a journey, walking from one spot to another to experience what it’s like being in the mind of those with various mental conditions. All to raise awareness and break the stigma on mental health.

Ash was last seen as Shanti in I’m Productions’ Silk and Strings, and received positive reviews for her intense performance. She was also involved in short film “My name is Jim” as well as Punjabi-lah’s “Vaisakhi Misconceptions” video which went viral on Facebook.

I’M Entertainment together with Instagram and Facebook movement #DearMentalHealth (@dear.mental.health) aims to abolish the stigma around mental health and to spread awareness on this pressing and ever growing issue.

I’M produces ‘THEM’ in awareness of the different mental health aid (some of which will be present during the show dates) from the 25 January till 4 February 2018.


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