Singh is my name


We inherited the name Singh from our parents by being born in a Sikh Household. Most of us just brush it aside as it’s just a name. I am afraid most of us are not aware of the significance of the name itself. If only we all are truly aware of the sacrifices and true valor displayed by our Singhs and Sikh forefathers that gave is this beautiful inheritance.

Singhs and Kaurs alike championed human rights. Faught bravely to uphold justice and freedom. Guru Govind Singh Ji Maharaj and our martyr Sikhs sacrificed almost everything for us to retain this beautiful name.

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The Singhs served in the British Army during both the world wars and was lauded by the world to be the bravest men and most disciplined men with outmost level of morality. The 36the Sikh regiment whereby 21 Sikh soldiers went against 10,000 Afghan forces defending the Indian border. True display of courage and strength. The freedom fighter Bhagat Singh laying down his life for the liberation of India. The Khalsa Aid for serving humanity in any corner of the world.

Our Guruji’s gave us this beautiful legacy to carry on. The Singhs are known to be warriors of the people. Thousands of people around the world are fed through the Gurdwaras around the world.

Yes we inherited the name Singh but remind yourself the importance and history of the name. Uphold the reputation of the name. It didn’t come easy. The least we can do is not put a strain on the name. Before doing anything wrong, remember that We are SINGH and it took so much to establish that. Serve all, help all and respect all

My apologies if I have made any mistakes.

A Humble Singh,



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  1. Sadly some Singh/Kaur persons appear to be not highlighting them in their names giving the perception that they may be ashamed of the Name given by Guru Gobind Singh Ji,

    Same may apply to the SIKHI SAROOP for which right many have sacrificed their lives while some have legal battles for the right to retain the SIKH SAROOP and may also give the perception that they may be ashamed of their SIKHI SAROOP in the name of being ‘modern’ or fashion or convenience, etc.


    Gur Fateh