Kuala Lumpur sisters release surprise tarana fusion single just before wedding

Ashvinder Kaur and Pervinder Kaur display awesome tarana and sargam in video single

Ashvinder Kaur and Pervinder Kaur – Photo grab from video single ‘Latest Tarana Fusion’

Kuala Lumpur-based sisters Ashvinder Kaur and Pervinder Kaur released a video single with the injection of awesome tarana and sargam.

The tarana fusion was released as Pervinder, the 24 year-old pre-school teacher, gets ready for her wedding tomorrow at a gurdwara in Kuala Lumpur.

“Our teacher had suggested it, and we also thought it would be a nice project to work on for the wedding,” Ashvinder, a chemist by day and an active Sikh volunteer, told Asia Samachar.

Their music teacher is Raina Arvinder, a Punjab musician who is now based in Malaysia. He had released a music video Saiyan in August 2018.

“You guys are amazing. Loved it. Awesome trana. Awesome sargams towards the end. Kya baat Kya Baat Kya Baat,” commented Gurmukh Singh, a Kuala Lumpur based lawyer and himself an accomplished kirtani.

Tarana type of singing is exclusive in its own way, as it uses poetry full of powerful words, according to one music site. This brand of singing makes use of words like Nadir, Tundir, Dir Dir.Tarana is found all over India. In south Indian music it is referred as ‘Tillana’ or ‘Thillana’ and is usually employed in dance performances.




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