Day 19: Dheeva balai andaera jaae

To get rid of this blindness, our inner lamp must be lighted. Guruji came to this world  to teach us how to light our inner lamps and get rid of the darkness in our lives - SURINDER KAUR SOHAN SINGH

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 By Surinder Kaur Sohan Singh | SIKHI STUDY | OPINION


Dheeva balai andaera jaae (SGGS 791)

Dheeva means lamp. Andaera means darkness. Meaning: When the lamp is lit, the darkness is dispelled.

Which lamp is Guruji talking about? Where is the darkness? The lamp is the lamp of giaan / knowledge. The darkness is the ignorance in our minds.

Guru Nanakji came into this world to take us out of the world of darkness / ignorance into the world of light / Knowledge where there is eternal PEACE and BLISS.

Most of us are not even aware that our mind is in darkness. We are not able to recognise it. We have accepted the darkness as light. When someone comes to this world to help us get rid of this darkness, we treat that person as an enemy because we have got used to living in the darkness. That is the reason why many prophets and holy people have been tortured to death by ignorant minds.

Andhee kamee, andh Man, Man andhai tan andh (SGGS 1287)

Andhaa means being blind. Meaning: A person whose mind is blind / ignorant, cannot perform right actions with his body.

An ignorant mind will use his body to perform the wrong actions. Guruji says that when the mind is blind, then the actions cannot be right.

The Bhagti done by an ignorant mind will also be done wrongly.

To get rid of this blindness, our inner lamp must be lighted. Guruji came to this world  to teach us how to light our inner lamps and get rid of the darkness in our lives.

What are some of the actions that we perform with our blind minds?

1) Paanee chith na dhhopee mukh peethai thikh jaae. (SGGS 1249)

Meaning: Guruji’s Bani tells us repeatedly that water cannot clean our minds of the sins. Water can be drank to get rid of our thirst. It can be used to wash our clothes and it can do many other things but it cannot reach the mind to clean it. This is because mind is non-physical.

Yet millions of people go to theeraths and bathe in the pools of the Gurdwaras hoping to get rid of their sins. Guruji calls this a blind action performed by a blind body. Guruji’s Bani says:

Theerath naavan jaao Theerath NAAM hai.

Theerath SHABAD beechaar antar Gian hai. (SGGS 687)

Meaning: Guruji says people go to places of pilgrimages to bathe and get rid of their sins but for me NAAM is the sacred place. NAAM is the spiritual wisdom from God and by contemplating on it I get rid of my sins.

2) Another blind action that most of us are guilty of is paying others to do Paths for us. We listen only to the first 5 Pauris and the Bhog. The rest of the Path is done by the Giani.

How is the Path that we never listen to going to make us wiser?

This is just like a student paying someone else to study for him. He is definitely doomed to fail his exams and so are we.

We are taking a bigger risk than the student. The student can always sit again next year. For us , there is no next chance. This life is the only chance we have, according to SGGS.

Eihee  thaeraa aousar eih  tharee baar (SGGS 1159)

Meaning: This is your only chance, this is your only time.

Kabir Maanas janam dhulanbh hai hoey na baarai baar. (SGGS 1366)

Meaning: Kabirji says to be born into a human form is a very rare opportunity. It is a blessing from God and it does not happen again and again. If you lose this opportunity to reach your goal you will not get it again.

The only goal of human life is to become like the Creator and merge with Him. Gurbani teaches us how to do that. We have to read it ourselves to learn the way. It cannot be done by sourcing it out to others.

Surinder Kaur Sohan Singh is a Malaysia-based Gurbani enthusiast. This is an edited version of her regular articles shared within a circle of fellow Sikhi seekers. The articles appear on Mondays and Thursdays.

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