RPK: My Apology To The Sikh Community

I was told a Sikh’s turban is a very sacred item and they do not take too kindly to anyone making fun of it. For that I would like to sincerely apologise - RAJA PETRA

Amar Singh (left) and Raja Petra

Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has apologised to the Sikh community for the turban remarks tat did not sit well with Skhs in Malaysia and abroad as well.

“I was told a Sikh’s turban is a very sacred item and they do not take too kindly to anyone making fun of it. For that I would like to sincerely apologise,” the blogger said in an entry entitled ‘My Apology To The Sikh Community’ at his blog today (1 Oct 2018).

RPK, as the once popular blogger is popularly known, had made disparaging remarks on the Sikh turban in his salvos against Malaysia’s Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department Director Amar Singh Ishar Singh.

In an article on 28 Sept, Raja Petra had said said that ‘Amar Singh Ishar Singh’s turban must be too tight that it is restricting the flow of blood to his brain’ and that ‘Amar Singh needs to remove his turban to clear his brain once in a while’.

In response, Amar, the highest ranking police officer hailing from the Sikh community and a third-generation policemen, had slammed the remarks as “demeaning and racist”.

Separately, the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC), a body representing more than 120 gurdwaras in Malaysia, had warned that the remarks by the blogger had the potential to create ‘hate and disrespect’ for the Sikh turban.

Here is the full text of Raja Petra’s apology:

Police reports have been made against me. I have also received numerous threats. But that is not why I am apologising for my quip that Amar Singh Ishar Singh’s turban may be too tight.

I was told a Sikh’s turban is a very sacred item and they do not take too kindly to anyone making fun of it. For that I would like to sincerely apologise.

I also sent personal apologies to Gobind Singh Deo and Amarjit Sidhu. These two, plus Manjeet Singh Dhillon and the late Karpal Singh, acted as my lawyers during my various trials and ISA detention ten years ago back in 2008. They also helped me in other ways, which I am not at liberty to mention, and which helped me to settle down in the UK after I left Malaysia in February 2009.

And they all did this without me asking (they volunteered their services), and without asking for a single sen in payment. I will be eternally grateful to Gobind, Amarjit, Manjeet and the late Karpal. So would I want to repay them by insulting their Sikh faith?

Kenang budi is supposed to be a Malay trait and virtue. To insult the faith of those who did so much for you and asked for nothing in return is not kenang budi. It is the opposite of kenang budi.

I can argue that I did not consider my quip an insult to the Sikh faith or that this was not my intention. But it is not what I intended that matters but how what I said was received. And I also apologise to Amar Singh Ishar Singh because, as much as I may disagree with him, that disagreement should not be reduced to the level of insulting his religion.



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  1. It’s a non apology. He purposely posts photos of his 3 lawyers,all of them without turbans and ‘apologizes’ because he owes them.To hell with him and his apology. Lets carry on. We have bigger and better goals to achieve like ensuring the well being and ‘chardi kala’ of the Panth.

    On another note, can the admins of Asia Samachar write something on this new so called ‘minority rights party'(MIRA) that was recently launched. They lodged a police report today on RPK. My comment is the last thing Malaysia needs is another pathetic mosquito minorities party. Their police report today looks like a stunt to recruit gullible Sikh members. Not surprisingly this ‘party’ was launched by a Tamil gentleman. Being a minority in Malaysia it’s a shame that people of Indian descent cant be united in a single or two parties but instead have more than a dozen lame duck parties that end up being unable to deliver any tangible results and just caters to emotions of it’s members.

  2. On the contrary we should accept his apology and turn this moment to raise awareness with other communities. I am from Singapore and have only learnt of RPK’s existence through this episode. Obviously his Blog has a following and he should be encouraged as part of his show of remorse to spread positive messages about Sikhs.
    Think about the recent episode where Singapore’s Sikh Advisory Board and the Reporter ( who was the subject of the disparaging remark on his Turban ) graciously accepted Coach Fandi Ahmad’s and the Football Association of Singapore’s apology and turned into a positive opportunity to educate Singaporeans.
    Similarly think of how the grieving son of the late President of the Wisconsin Gurdwara ( victim of a hate killing ) has linked up with an ex-white supremacist to spread the message of love and to fight racially motivated hate crimes. In doing so our Sikh values are being positively explained to Americans.

  3. Petra, must understand that his apology is NOT to the Sikhs at large whose religiously guided attire, to cover the head with a turban or dastar was ridiculed, by him,while having a personally frustrated opinion on the way, a police officer, who in this instance happened to be a Sikh conducted a raid on some apartments, after being directed by his senior authorities.

    While wanting to being critical of the officer, was his right,Petra has to this date failed to explain what the religion of this officer had to do with that issue.

    The officer,is a Malaysian, happens to belong to the Sikhs faith, doing his duty like any other Malaysian officer would be expected.

    My question to Petra, is, would he have made similar repulsively offensive remarks, if the officer had been a Moslem?

    Would he have insulted the officer, because he bends down to pray five times a day?

    Would he have insulted the officer for circumcision, or wearing haji caps?

    Would he have insulted the officer, who may be wearing a sarong, for oportune sex?

    I doubt.

    Petra is a low level self assumed “writer”who was blogging against UMNO during Barisan rule,with equally low level intelligenced audience.Then he shifted in favour f UMNO, since the PH government has come into power.

    That is his low IQ’d prerogative.

    In 2009, following his usual low witted and full of hatred writing he fled to UK, illegally.He is living in Manchester as a fujtive.

    He was helped to get to UK by some for Sikhs, according to him,whom he has directed his apology to, after the heat got too much to handle with Malaysia.

    After his initial attack upon the Sikhs officer’s religious guided turban,this bigoted ignorant person continued his tirade against Sikhs, posting pictures of Sikhs, while referring to them as mad barking dogs!

    Then he, led by over bloated ego continued to equate the Sikh community at large, with terrorists, ISIS and Taliban, and claiming that the Sikhs were worst than these world wide known murderous groups that claim to operate for islam.

    It is regrettable that some Sikhs, especially those who were part of his low IQd audience, reacted rather immaturely and angrily,like his frustrations, giving him an opportunity to lable them.

    He rather forgot, that he lighted the fire mischieviously and now blamed the fumes for threatening to “burn” him!

    While he has been churning out his hate columns, he forgot he lives in Britain, where there are laws that prevent race hate, ridiculing someone based upon the religion, colour or race and ethnicity.

    With his attack upon the religiously guided attire for a Sikh, he has transgressed the law of this country. He was creating an atmosphere where ready racist may pick up his sickening jibes and target Sikhs.

    A report was made to Manchester Police, who have acknowledged it, and assured, it will b investigated.

    Seeing an increase in the brickbats, he decided to apologise, with a twist.He apologised to the three Sikhs, who allegedly helped him, and lastly to the Sikhs police officer, who he had targeted initially, with his cheap mentality.

    While he insulted the religiously guided dastaar of the entire Sikh community, he very deviously misleads the world about his alleged ” apology.”

    This cannot be accepted.THIS is a heinious cosmetic act of poor drama in “apology acting”

    The apology needs to come with the removal of the offending /3 articles and pictures on his blog.He wrote them with racist intent to ridicule an entire community.He is now amending his articles to try and avoid prosecution in UK.

    However, copies had been downloaded which will used as evidence of his sickly mind’s racist rants.

    His apology, is not worth a dime or the paper written on.All will be done to continue to pursue him.

  4. On the contrary we should be gracious and accept his apology and use his profile to raise awareness. Think of Fandi’s and S’pore’s Football Association’s quick apology for a disparaging remark by Fandi to a Sikh reporter and the gracious acceptance by the Reporter and the Sikh Advisory Board of the apology and how it educated Singaporeans on our sensitivities and our religion. Think of how the son of the slain President of the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting roped in an ex-white supremist to educate Americans on hate . RPK whom I never heard of before coz I am from Singapore has expressed remorse and we as Sikhs must show compassion . Rope him in as our spokesman

  5. Do not let him go freely … make sure either legal proceedings or criminal be brought against him at all cost…. make sure he than realise n will never make a mockery of sikhi or any other religion in future 😡phekhendi