Kampung Pandan launches ‘Akhand Path With Sangat’

APwS@G5.0 - to be held 21-24 Nov in conjunction with Guru Nanak's Avatar Dihara, is designed to get as many Sangat members to take part in the reading of Sri Guru Granth Sahib


Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Jalan Kampung Pandan is organising “AKHAND PATH with SANGAT” (APwS@G5.0) in conjunction with this year’s Avatar Dihara of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji from 21-24 November 2018.

The programme starts at 6am with Asa Di Vaar. The akhand path will begins at about 8am. The Akhand Path da Bhog will be around 6pm on 24 Nov (Saturday).

A Kirtan Darbar will be held after the bhog in which the Punjabi School Students, Giani Gurpreet Singh and Veer Harcharanjit Singh (Raja) will be doing kirtan and katha till 9pm.Guru Ka langar will be served during the akhand path.

The APwS program has been organised for: –

  1. Sangat
    • This APwS program has been specially organised for the local Sangat who most of the time are unable to achieve their lifetime dream to participate in the Gurpurb’s Akhand Path due to limited time.
    • The Akhand Path will be done at an understanding pace together with the Sangat.
    • There has been an encouraging response from the Sangat to participate in this akhand path. More than 17 names have been received as to date.
    • The Sangat still keen to participate can liaise with Giani Gurpreet Singh Ji (contact no. 011-11201457) to register their name.
  1. Digital Advantage (G5.0)
    • To take due advantage on the advancement of the current digital era. Globally & locally the Industrial revolution 4.0 is thriving towards Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence.
    • Gurbani too can now be downloaded on the handphones. (Everyone has a handphone today).
    • It is a new way of searching the Sikh Scriptures in the palm of our hands.
    • But it has been discouraging to note that most of the Sangat members are not taking advantage of the digital software. Instead, they are seen to be waiting for the screen projector. When the projector is not on (due to limited volunteers to man the laptop), many do not make use of their handphones to follow the Gurbani recitation or kirtan.
    • These APwS program has been primally organised to PROMOTE the use of the readily available Gurbani Search Engine software’s.
    • With the current digital revolution code named is 4.0, for this Gurbani search engine promotion drive, the Gurdwara has code named this crusade as Gurbani 5.0 (G5.0)
    • Example of G5.0 search engines available are iGurbani & iGranth which can search, read, romanised version, translations to explore the divine path.
    • The Gurdwara wants to encourage the Sangat to make this G5.0 their TEXT BOOK when they come to the Gurdwara so that they can follow & understand the Shabad Kirtan/Path or Hukam Nama with Giani ji.
    • Sangat coming for this APwS program are encouraged to download their choice of gurbani search engine before attending this program. It will assist them to follow the path & understand it.

As this is the first time, the Gurdwara is organising this APwS program, the gurdwara will be conducting a Survey/Questionnaire during the program.  The Gurdwara would like to encourage the Sangat to give their feed backs about this inaugural program. We would like to get feedback on the effectiveness of the APwS program.

Children activities will be organised during the akhand path. The Nishan Sahib Selami will be held in the afternoon on 24 November 2018.

[The note was prepared by Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Jalan Kampung Pandan]


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