Shah Alam rocks Punjabi

WE-FIE TIME! Some participants of PEC Shah Alam charity dinner taking photographs with minister Gobind Singh Deo – Photo: Asia Samachar

Keeping #Punjabi #language alive & kicking. Some 350 appeared for the Punjabi Language Center (PEC) Shah Alam charity dinner in Petaling Jaya yesterday (16 Nov 2018). Malaysian Federal minister Gobind Singh Deo was the guest of honour. See video clip here.

Khalsa Diwan Malaysia briefs Federal minister on Punjabi language challenges (Asia Samachar, 9 Nov 2018)

Ipoh Punjabi school in 1930s (Asia Samachar, 7 Aug 2018)


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  1. Harvinder ji, good job, when i said apart from eating and dancing do we understand the history of our language, it was meant just that.But of course the little educated are ready to hate themselves and ready to adopt a prejudged stone hard brains and asume an ‘ ass u me ‘ negative mentality.
    But let us move away from these little infants.

    How did alphabet begin in general.First with drawing,then human made sounds and the sign language started drawing skeletal paintings to communicate.Words could b lost,so to keep records, drawings came then developed signs, and system of letters, that recorded what was said.

    Some writing left to right, others right to left, some from top to bottom, others bottom to top.

    I will try and share the glorious history of our language and how our alphabet developed from abt 10th century.
    It is so colourul and interesting…..i hope, you will find that interesting, too, and who knows the negative assuming characters will learn abt an insight of our language and will realise just how limited their ideas were.

    We largely know that Punjabi is said to b the 10th widely spoken language in the world and spoken by about 150,000, 000 people.

    I believe Punjabi is really abt the 8th largest language but sadly the most misunderstood by Punjabis, and communalised by themselves.

    It is the only language, that have, three distinctive and different alphabets.

    This has divided the language and people sadly.

    It has led to wars, fights agitations and even separated nations and states.

    But despite that , maa meri Punjabi remains in the heart of all Punjabis.

    Although, it it said the yogi nath granths written in early 11th century are in a Punjabi dialect.It is more popularly believed the first writings in Multani dialect of Punjabi are said to b that of Sheikh Farid or Shankerganj,around 1150.He is said to have used lettering originating from Atabic and Farsi.Which today is refered to as Urdu.His couplets are found in Gurbani

    Even during the glorious days of Punjabi rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh , the Punjabi maa rani was not the official language of the Mother Punjab.

    It was Urdu, written in Shahmukhi alphabets, and not Gurmukhi.

    Gurcharan Singh Kulim