Do we need two gurdwaras in Kampung Pandan?

This is a 'golden opportunity' for two neighbouring Kuala Lumpur gurdwaras to come together as they plan to redevelop their respective places - LETTER

Above: Present Dalam Gurdwara. Below: The turf at Wadda Gurdwara

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you, with input from friends, with regards to what we heard regarding developments at Kampung Pandan gurdwaras.

We understand Asia Samachar has recently suggested or asked both gurdwaras to consider their options of developments.

If indeed it is coming from Asia Samachar through Sangat at large, then we feel it is a really good. Nonetheless, if not, it will be good and real wonderful sewa to the community as a whole if Asia Samachar could take this up, since you all have the reach to almost the entire Sangat.

We really need the Sangat out there to voice out their opinion because Gurdwaras do not belong to a particular group or area residents only, more so if it is located in places like central of Kuala Lumpur.

We really hope a good and rational input is given by the whole nation’s Sangat to move ahead.

Ok, coming to the point now.

We heard that Asia Samachar has requested both the gurdwaras to consider properly their developments since both are moving towards redeveloping the gurdwaras.

As rightly said, it is pointless to build two gurdwaras which are hardly 1km apart. And to build redundant facilities with both gurdwaras having big darbars, classrooms, waja, multipurpose rooms, etc.

Why don’t we ask them to strategise. The gurdwara which is located inside, known as the Dalam Gurdwara [Gurdwara Sahib Kampung Pandan Settlement], may build and take certain roles and the outer gurdwara, known as Wadda Gurdwara [Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Jalan Kampung Pandan], may take certain roles. This is so that the Sangat as a whole, not only of Kampung Pandan or nearby, but overall in Kuala Lumpur, may benefit.

The Wadda Gurdwara has got a huge land and is located very prominently in the centre of KL city.

They may build and take up, for example: Punjabi classes and auditorium, properly built kirtan learning room, dorms for religious camps, badminton & football courts, multipurpose rooms to help the needy like single mothers, a get together facility area for oldies or retirees who are lonely at home (similar to the concept in the west), proper rooms for visiting parcharaks and youth training rooms. If possible, a reasonably-sized hall for events.

On the other hand, the Dalam Gurdwara may be used for all Darbar Sahib related activities only.

In this way, as mentioned, the whole Sangat will fully benefit.

Presently both gurdwaras are coming up with redundant facilities and indeed both are not having a good amount of Sangat to start with. There are people who stays in Dalam area but go to the Wadda Gurdwara and vice versa.

Both gurdwaras, especially the Dalam Gurdwara, is about to start their development. It will be very sad for the Sangat all over if they do go ahead. It will be a golden opportunity loss to give the best to the Sangat.

Soon the Wadda Gurdwara, too, will start and we will be neither here nor there and keep complaining that we don’t have these and that facilities and that’s why we don’t have enough sanggat. And, worst still, we will complain that Sikhs are not united.

The Wadda Gurdwara built a football court some time ago. We have seen how it has benefitted and attracted so many youngsters. Imagine, in addition to this, if we also have all the other facilities as mentioned above, how much more will we all benefit. (We are a small community, we are not lucky enough to get these facilities pre-provided like others).

What value is there in having two darbar sahibs hardly 1km apart with hardly 20 to 50 Sanggat each time. Both, of course, with LANGGAR halls.

Moving towards uniting in this manner is the best thing to do; anything else may be a long term or a permanent disaster.

The issue which will come in between is only and only our narrow mindedness. Example: the fear among the present stakeholders that they may be left as Mr Nobody if this happens.

Therefore, to make this happen, it is impossible to only rely on the locals to resolve the matter. Only the Sangat out there, particularly on the social media, can put on this full pressure to ensure the correct steps are taken.

To be frank, even now in moving forward with their present respective developments, both gurdwaras are going to come back to this wider Sangat for contribution anyway. They have already got whatever funds their locals could contribute and it is hardly a pittance.

Thus, the Sangat out there has to be made aware of the situation before they contribute even a single sen.

Therefore, we really hope Asia Samachar could do this sewa by making them aware of the options.

It will be up to the respective Sangat member out there to see and assess for themselves, whether they see this as a golden opportunity to unite and build these two places or they prefer otherwise.

We really hope you would share this opinion piece with the Sangat  nationwide, if you find this worthy.

Very sorry we are unable to give our full names as we sincerely don’t wish to be known in anyway and targeted as a party out to disrupt anything. We are writing merely for the benefit of our beloved Sangat.

In addition to the above, the combined force of both committees (which are made up of mostly youngsters), will be of great value.

Your sincerely,

GS, HS, PK and RS.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: One team from one of the Kampung Pandan gurdwaras met Asia Samachar recently to share their development plans. In that discussion, we did inform the team to be prepared to address the issue on the fact that two neighbouring gurdwaras in Kuala Lumpur are preparing to tap Sanggat funds for renovation and redevelopment.]



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  1. Sr. Sadhu Singh Ji.
    When something is published the objectives are to inform readers and get some feedback. If there is no feedback then it may be perceived that no one js caring or imterested. If there is feedback it is not interfering and limits are for one to be civil. I am within my limits.
    Gur Fateh

  2. The idea for both gurdwaras to combined and jointly develop is brilliant and which surely will benefit and appreciated for generations to come.

    We have seen Hindu temples being built almost a stone throw away of one another and I always wondered why no one took the initiative to unite and build one place of worship instead. So this is an opportune time to do something different however truly beneficial.

    Also, had the opportunity of passing by High Street Gurdwara recently after almost 15 years and can’t agree more with what suggested by Sardar Gursharan Singh Ji. Hopefully, sensibility shall prevail.


  3. Gursharan Singh Ji
    I think you should mind your own business
    Please stop thinking about Gurdwara in Malaysia think about yourselve how difficult you are living each days.

    You do need to think about the Gurdwaras unless you are the President of Malaysian Gurdwaras Council. Hope you understand your limits.

    Thank you


  4. Some years ago I raised the need for two gurdwara sahib ji within one km and this was published in AS when the Settlement Gurdwara announced redevelopment at cost of about one million RM. Sadly there was no feedback back from Sanggat.
    The same may be true about the two Police Gurdwaras in High St and another a km away in Jln Parliament. My suggestion that the High St Gurdwara be returned Authorities for some compensation and used for expanding facilities in Jln Parliament Gurdwara Sahib received the comment from one Committee member that ‘we will die to retain the High St Gurdwara’ and when I responded that there is insufficient Sanggat numbers there was total silence..
    Gur Fateh