Shah Alam naujawans take seva beyond the gurdwara

The Sikh youth group paid a visit to St Jude's Old Folks Home

Shah Alam Naujawan’s visited St Jude’s Old Folks Home – Photo: Supplied
By Shah Alam Naujawans | REPORT | MALAYSIA |

Sewa is not something that needs to be done in the Gurdwara alone. It can also be done outside the Gurdwara’s ground. Alone or in a group, sewa (selfless service) can be done anytime, anywhere. What better way to do something for the charity is to show some love and kindness to the community.

The Shah Alam Naujawan’s visited St Jude’s Old Folks Home a recent Saturday (21 Sept 2019). A couple of parents, too, went along to support the visit. The Naujawans (youth) served food made at the gurdwara to the elderly occupants at the old folks home.

Established in 2006, this home currently has 38 occupants, mostly due to old age. Some of them have various illness and require attention and special care.

The home may not many facilities, but it provides a roof and food to the occupants. Even though the occupants have their own problems, they help each other, making the home a better place to live in.

While we were there, we saw them helping to feed fellow occupants who were unable to move. It surely takes a strong person to do a job like this.

The Shah Alam Naujawan leader Dr Thesdave Singh said: “The concept of sewa should not be about doing sewa for the Guru Ji, but for all. It serves to remind us of the values being passed on through generations. We call upon Shah Alam youth to join in and support us in future events. Together, let’s make a difference.”



(Asia Samachar, 30 Oct 2018)


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