Jagmeet Singh pushes for 10-day paid sick leave for Canadian workers

Jagmeet Singh: Deputy Leader of Ontario New Democratic Party – PHOTO / FACEBOOK
By Asia Samachar Team | CANADA |

As more and more businesses are being asked to reopen, New Democrat Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh has linked the proposal of a two week of paid sick leave for every worker in Canada to a vote on how Parliament would function.

If the government agrees, Jagmeet has promised his party’s support for a proposal to limit full House of Commons sittings and votes on meeting, a change of rules to accommodate social distancing required in view of the gobal Covid-19 pandemic.

In response to the NDP push, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that he would push the provinces to approve the 10 days of paid sick leave idea.

“Every worker should have access to paid sick leave. Workers need to know they have the ability to choose to stay home with pay if they are sick,” said Jagmeet in a statement at the party’s website. “No one should be forced to make the impossible choice between going to work sick or not being able to pay their bills. Workers want to go back to work – we need to make sure they can go back to work safely.”

For the last few weeks, the statement said Singh and New Democrat MPs have been calling for the federal government to make sure all workers have access to two weeks of paid sick leave so they can take the time to heal and stop the spread of any virus or sickness.

Jagmeet made his support for how the House of Commons resumes dependent on introducing two weeks of paid sick leave for all Canadians.

Trudeau’s government, which won 157 seats out of the total 338 seats up for grabs, would need to forge a collaboration with other parties as it does not have an ourright majority in parliament. The opposition is led by the Conservatives with 121 seats. NPD has 24 seats, enough to tilt the balance of power.

“We have been clear from the beginning that the government should make sure every worker has access to paid sick leave. We will keep pushing the government to make sure they deliver on this commitment and that they work with provinces to make sick leave for workers permanent going forward,” added Jagmeet. “Let’s make sure that workers never have to make the choice of losing a day of pay for staying home sick.”

In one interview, Jagmeet outlined workers’ three main concerns as they prepare to return to work after a period of lockdown: safety, sick leave and child care.



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  1. He also said that parliament, the elected representatives of the people, should not meet to oversee the affairs of the country.