Sikh schoolgirl sewing PPEs for frontliners

Preisha jumped at chance of helping medical frontliners in their battle with Covid-19

Preisha Kaur Jammu
By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

She is just 12 years old but she can sew! Student Preisha Kaur Jammu jumped at the chance of helping the medical frontliners in their battle with the novel coronavirus.

Her school teacher Ann Yeoh, who knew Preisha can sew, invited her to be part of a team to sew personal protection equipments (PPEs). In less than a fortnight, she had put sewn 25 sets.

“I’m aware from the news how bad the [Covid-19] situation is and how important it is for healthcare workers to be adequately protected. I felt I needed to do something to help,” she told Asia Samachar via a short video clip.

Dr Kiren Kaur Sidhu, an obstetrics and gynaecology at a Kuala Lumpur private hospital, said that her daughter loves sewing. “She has her own sewing machine and she loves sewing,” she said.

Those taking part in the PPE making project were given the different parts of the PPE and asked to sew them together.

“I know its not a big contribution but this is my contribution,” said Preisha. “I was very happy when I heard that the hospital where my Massi (aunt) works at will be receiving the PPS that were part of the project that she had participated in.”



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