Superbike racer Alvinderjit Singh ramps up his passion

Alvinderjit Singh and his coach-cum-mechanic Mohd Firdaus Musa after his best performance at MSF SuperBikes race – Photo: Supplied

By Asia Samachar | Malaysia |

The speedometer needle hits 265 km/h as Alvinderjit Singh ramps the BMW 1000RR. The thrill of pushing the bike to the limit and racing against fellow bikers is simply incredible.

Meet superbike racer Alvinderjit Singh who too part in his maiden superbike race at the Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) 2021/22.

The electrical engineer by training and a single dad to a pair of twins has found the anchor to his long-held passion in racing.

“I have always followed superbike racers. Just mention a name and I would know them. This time around, I decided to take the plunge by joining the superbike race,” he told Asia Samachar.

And he gave a decent performance, coming out fifth overall in the GP Master category at MSF SuperBikes. That’s the second highest category after All Stars. He managed to finish third in one of the four races that make up the championship. His best lap time was 2m 22s.

“But for all my passion in racing, I have never once took part in illegal racing, or be part of the mat rempit,” he quipped.

Alvinderjit, 39, was born in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. His home was a short distance from the Sungai Besi gurdwara, popularly known as the Shaapaa Gurdwara as it was surrounded by factories. When he was three-years old, his family moved to Subang where he did his schooling. He now lives in Shah Alam, Selangor.

His father Jagjit Singh, now 66, was a chargeman at the Public Works Department while his mother, Savinder Kaur, now 65, was a supervisor of the vegetable and fresh department at Macro. He is part of four siblings.

Alvinderjit obtained a degree in electrical engineering majoring in electronic and control systems from Liverpool John Moores University.

“My dad paid for my studies, as he did for my late brother who also studied in the UK,” he said. His sister and younger brother completed degrees in accounting and finance, respectively.


Alvinderjit says he has always been passionate about bike racing. In 2018, he started taking it up seriously. That led to his first taste of MSF Superbike race this year.

“You must first get your racing license and then hit a certain level to qualify,” he said. “Racing keeps me sane. I’ve been through a lot.”

Funding is the biggest challenge in continuing this passion. It is no walk in the park to raise funds for bike racing in Malaysia. Alvinderjit has been able to raise some funds, but still personally foots a major portion of the cost.

“Racing requires a lot of funding. I did get some some sponsorship, but I would say 70% of the funding came from my own pocket. It can cost up to RM6,000 for each race,” he said.

“You have to pay for tyres, hire a crew. You need mechanics and pay for the entry fee,” he said.

But he is smitten with superbike racing. Alvinderjit is now all charged up for the next MSF SuperBikes in March 2023.


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