Be a face that stands-out, says HR expert Sharmeel Kaur

| Malaysia | 12 April 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Sharmeel Kaur: Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia HR head

Don’t merely be another face in the crowd, but be a face that stands-out.

This was the best career advise ever received by Sharmeel Kaur, an IT-trained graduate who found her calling in human resources (HR).

“I made a brave move from IT to HR purely because of my passion in managing people,” Sharmeel, the HR head at Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia, tells Human Resources magazine.

Asked on the most rewarding part of her role, Sharmeel said it was alwalys tremendously rewarding to hear from former colleagues that she have had the privilege to work with thriving in their careers.

“To me, the greatest satisfaction in a HR career is having an impact on the success of the business and on the lives of the people in it,” she added.

On the sector, Sharmeel said HR must be social.

“Sometimes, all people want is some time and people to listen to them vent out their frustrations, troubles, stories, etc., and sometimes a shoulder to lean on. In a way, unknowingly, we sometimes act as counsellors.

“So, don’t shut your doors or your hearts for that matter when an employees says “Can I come up to have a quick chat with you?”. Welcome them with open arms no matter how busy your schedule gets throughout the day,” she said.

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