Need for unity and harmony

We can do so much more for community development if we refocus on priorities, says Taranjit Kaur


| Opinion | 2 June 2017 | Asia Samachar |

By Taranjit Kaur

Life is increasingly moving at a fast pace. The day passes in a breeze, and 24 hours appears to be hardly enough, at least for me. Quality time with loved ones is a luxury, and sleep is like indulging in a 5-star holiday. Sounds familiar, you bet!

Despite a demanding schedule, it is funny how the gush of energy suddenly appears to belittle and demean varying viewpoints, regardless of the subject-matter. This gets especially exciting when it involves communal matters. The question I often asked myself was, does blowing matters out of proportion connote power? The concept of agreeing to disagree is elegant, well I think so!

In this day and age, simple matters are made complicated. Emotions are flared up. Respect is compromised. The act of clarifying or validating accuracy is discounted, jumping on the bandwagon to freely pass distasteful judgments. Excuse me, but social media has an etiquette too, whereby it discourages spamming.

As Sikhs, our role of a *Learner* entails a continuous effort to be equipped with evolving knowledge, in doing so, demonstrating leadership in our capacity as individuals. Often, this is conveniently forgotten. Instead, countless hours are spent, putting harmonious relationship among members of a larger community at stake. How does this make a positive difference?

Time spent on debating a myriad of community-centric issues will result in wider benefits if diverted towards discussing fruitful initiatives. For example, leveraging on shared strength to develop a solid youth development programme for Malaysian Sikh Youth.

Simply said, it is time we unite on the back of values which define us as a Sikh. We must appreciate that the external landscape is changing rapidly, with competition at its peak. It is time to accelerate discussions focusing on grooming young Sikh leaders who are spiritually enlightened, politically savvy and street smart. Most importantly, imbuing in individuals the need to always uphold peace, regardless of the circumstance.

Time to refocus our priorities as Sikhs of the 21st century, whilst staying true to the fundamentals of Sikhi. We must come together, contributing tirelessly towards the growth of our community, and our country alike! Let’s be driven by the desire to explore opportunities for personal and professional development.

Taranjit Kaur is a Kuala Lumpur based executive who gets involved in Sikh activities. 

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