Destination Amritsar

Columnist TARANJIT KAUR shares her experience flying Malindo to visit Darbar Sahib. She hopes Chandigarh would be next

Amritsar – Photo / Dogra Exposures

Not long ago, it took approximately 24 hours to reach Amritsar from Kuala Lumpur. A long and tiring journey, indeed. Tedious planning was vital to ensure hassle-free on-the-ground logistics. The lengthy travelling time to Sri Harminder Sahib or Golden Temple was often a battle, what more security concerns for females travelling without a male companion.

Things have changed, thankfully! Emergence of a direct flight from KL to Amritsar is a game-changer. Within 10 hours, one could cherish the magnificent Golden Temple. The ease of travel makes it a possibility to do so even more than once annually.

The looming question on my mind has been, what made Amritsar a feasible route, as it caters for a niche market. While I never got to answer that, I take leisure in the fact that Amritsar is like a stone throw away now. What is more, if lucky, a return business class ticket can be purchased at less than RM1,000! A real bargain.

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Surely, it is heartening to note how it is relatively easier now for us, Malaysian Sikhs predominantly, to visit Amritsar, especially families with the elderly and children. Hopefully airliner Malindo would expand its existing network to cover more destinations in North India. I’m hopeful for Chandigarh. Rumour says it though, now how far that’s true – let’s wait.

To-date, Malindo would have certainly transported thousands to and fro Amritsar, from the vibrant city of KL. Needless to say, language is at often times a barrier.

While it is unreasonable to consider in-flight crew who speak Punjabi or Hindi, perhaps it would be an added advantage to have pre-recorded digitised messages in aid of those who are unable speak English. However, this is subject to the carrier’s assessment of its passengers’ need. The intent being to provide insights on food and beverage options, and more importantly, ensuring safety messages are well-understood, including the announcements on regulatory requirements of visiting country.

While it would be interesting to have more carriers offering direct flight services from KL to Amritsar, Kudos to Malindo for being Malaysia’s first and only carrier to have successfully done so. Surely, increased frequency of Malindo’s flights going to and fro Amritsar would be an added advantage! Actually, I am kepeing my fingers crossed for the Chandigarh news to be true.

Come to think of it, Malindo could even lead the way in championing sustainable transportation. As it is, the airliner does offers adequate services, seemingly at par with full-fare carriers. Simply efforts such as safety messages and posters describing importance of upholding safety is a spot on! Similarly, shape the industry’s response to managing the climate change dilemma, involving your passengers and business partners in your efforts.

Well, Malindo, your carrier has proven that it offers a competitive edge! Time to accelerate and grow further. I am certain you can do it. Simple efforts don’t necessarily entail fat investments, all it takes is leadership and a desire to lead.

Last but not least, well done team Malindo!


Taranjit Kaur is a Kuala Lumpur based executive who gets involved in Sikh activities. 

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  1. Have been flying Air Asia all this while landing at Delhi and taking a train to Amritsar.
    Hope to travel next year by Malindo air and wait for price offers!

  2. Certainly..Malindo has been a dream come true in my first visit to India was in 2015. My long waited trip for years that didnt happen till then. I prayed for guruji’s blessing and wished that if i put step in India it must be on the land of Amritsar..which malindo made it happen for me. And i believe 2015 was when malindo started its direct trips…Thankyou Malindo..