Three builders stabbed to death in suspected payment row in east London

Narinder Singh, 26, (centre left) Harinder Kumar, 22, (far left) and Baljit Singh, 34, (right) were stabbed to death and found slumped and covered in blood near Seven Kings station in Ilford at around 7.30pm on Sunday. – Photo and caption from DailyMail
By Asia Samachar Team | LONDON |

THREE builders from India were stabbed to death after a drunken row erupted over unpaid work turned violent at a restaurant in east London yesterday (20 Jan).

Police have arrested two men, aged 29 and 39, in connection with the incident near Seven Kings station in Ilford at around 7.30pm on Sunday.

Local media identified the dead as Narinder Singh, 26; Harinder Kumar, 22; and Baljit Singh, 34.

Quoting an unnamed local businessman, the Daily Mail reported the men were knifed to death after a large group of Indian men spilled out of a nearby restaurant, screaming and shouting in a furious drunken argument between two groups.

He told MailOnline the men had been drinking whisky all afternoon and an argument had broken out over work in the area.

When talking to the media a the scene of the crime, Scotland Yard Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman, said: “Three men were fatally stabbed, and despite best efforts of paramedics at the scene, they were pronounced dead at the scene. So, a devastating incident.

“There are two people in custody. We believe the parties are known to each other, the parties were in the Sikh community.”

MailOnline also quoted Harinder’s cousin as saying: “They (Harinder and Narinder) both worked as builders and had only been in the country for about three years. Sunday was Harinder’ s one day off in the week. He knew all the other men that were there when he was killed. They all worked and socialised together.

“They’d been out drinking like they normally do on a Sunday. I’ve heard that they got into a row over money.”

After visiting the scene, London mayor Sadiq Khan said the ‘horrific’ triple stabbing in Seven Kings in Redbridge last night was a tragic reminder of the evil scourge of knife crime that continues to plague the entire country.

“The only way we will tackle violent crime for good is with a laser-like focus on catching criminals by being tough on crime and, just as importantly, by addressing the underlying root causes of violence such as poverty, inequality and social alienation.

“This will require a huge increase in Government funding for public services including the police, youth services, schools, sports facilities and local councils. There is simply no other solution to this problem,” he said.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Singh Sabha Gurdwara East London committee expressed its ‘shock’ over the incident.

“On behalf of our entire Sikh Sangat, we offer condolences to the friends and families of those who have suffered, and will keep in our thoughts those who have been impacted. The House of the Guru is always open to all – we encourage anybody who needs to help make sense of what has taken place to visit the Darbar at Seven Kings or Barking,” it said in an entry at its Facebook page.

It has also extended an invite to ‘attend the Gurdwara and join with the Sangat at this time’ to the first responders.

“At this early stage of an investigation where so little is known publicly, it has been difficult to comprehend what could have led up to a ‘fight’ where three young men lose their life.

“We appreciate that the Metropolitan Police have protocol to follow so that valuable information can be ascertained with urgency, and so will not at this time question why the individuals were identified as ‘Sikh’ in the official statement made by Detective Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman,” it added.

The statement goes on:

“However, it is quite difficult for us to not express our displeasure at the religious affiliation being made with the Sikh community, when it is not yet clear whether this relates to either the cause of what took place, or how the incident itself unfolded. This assertion has left many members of our community confused as to what has occurred and the Singh Sabha East London committee is being inundated with requests for information.

“For the record, we are unaware of any animosity of this magnitude between individuals, groups or cliques in the Sikh community. There are, as in all communities, disagreements and differing opinions on everything from Brexit to personalities, but nothing that we are aware of that would have suggested violence on this scale might ensue.

The statement goes on:

“Consequently, media coverage of the incident has related the crime with that of ‘gangs’, drug-dealing and associated anti-social behaviour in the area, which has in turn been used to tarnish the Sikh community and stoke unnecessary incendiary commentary on social media – all at a time when three young men have lost their lives.

“It can be difficult responding to something so sensitive in such a short space of time, which is why we rely on institutions of the state to be responsible and considerate in both their actions and their statements when the situation arises. We remind our representatives and public servants to maintain that high standard which we have come to expect from them.”

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  1. “They’d been out drinking like they normally do on a Sunday. I’ve heard that they got into a row over money.”

    We need to start teaching our young here in Malaysia to not follow the footsteps of their elders who have damned themselves with alcohol and to choose to have a lifestyle that’s alcohol free.
    Those who are drinking can quit alcohol.Has been done by so many before.Quit drinking and be a role model for your community and family.All our gurudwaras should start preaching this vigorously.We should not be afraid of certain people getting offended at anti-alcohol parchaar.