Punjab firm to come up with masks for bearded men

By Asia Samachar Team | INDIA |

A Hoshiarpur firm – Surgeine Safety Products – has manufactured a new protective mask specifically designed for men with beards.

The ‘K-180’ is an N-95 mask that would cover a major part of the face – from the nose to the lower part of chin and left and right parts of the face.

The company recently got approval from the Government of India for mass-level production of N-95 masks to meet the demand during coronavirus outbreak, reports The Indian Express.

“The beard is a fashion all over the world but people in Punjab also keep beards for religious reasons. I am also a Sikh. I was receiving feedback, mostly from Sikhs, that there should be a mask for people with beards. So we have come up with this mask,” Surgeine Safety Products owner Gurbhagat Singh told the newspaper.

In the wake of the Covid-19 threat, doctors spotting beards, including Sikhs who maintain their bodily hair as per their religious belief, have come under pressure in some jurisdictions around the globe when it came to the safety of patients and themselves.

In the report late last month, Gurbhagat was quoted as saying: “The mask will cover a large portion of the face. It will come with tight elastic to properly seal a bearded face”

“All masks come with instructions that a beard can affect the fitting of the mask and it may not allow proper sealing of the face. So particles can infiltrate inside. We would like to get feedback from the market before marking it as a mask for bearded people. There are different styles of beards. The success of the mask will also depend upon the style of beard.”



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