Coronavirus awakens millennial Sikh entprepreneur

Harpreet Singh Rai, co-founder of Finish company dealing with sleep performance, now eyes a whole new market

By Asia Samachar Team | EUROPE |

The novel coronavirus pandemic has thrown up a name of a young Sikh entrepreneur, and it has happened almost by chance.

Meet Harpreet Singh Rai. The co-founder and CEO of Finnish healthtech start-up Oura Health Ltd has been around town trying to fix your sleep, and miles away from Covid-19.

But a new opportunity leapt up recently for the health technology company which was founded in 2013 and markets a ring-like product that tracks sleep.

The company is involved in sleep performance platform, focused on improving sleep that leads to a better life. Its Oura Ring and app gives users daily feedback to improve their health, allowing users to better understand their body and reach their goals.

The Covid-19 track began with feedback from one of its users.

“One user of ours in Finland was traveling in early March. His scores were normally in the 80s or 90s and he noticed his readiness score dropped to 50 and that caused him to get tested. He was positive for coronavirus,” Harpreet told a CNBC programme.

The Oura ring costs upwards of $300 and measures and logs data ranging from sleep and body temperature to heart rate and respiratory function. Researchers said the device has been successful in recognizing Covid-19 symptoms up to three days in advance with 90% accuracy, the reported said.

While still in early stages of research, the Covid-19 connection has opened up a whole new market for Oura.

Oura is now finding ways to use that data to help detect Covid-19 cases among frontline workers and general users. The NBA basketball league, for example, has ordered more than 1,000 of the rings, which cost upwards of $300 each

The company is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with offices in Helsinki, London, and San Francisco.

You can listen to an interview with Harpreet here.


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