Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia: Moving forward in trying times

Over the year, we nurtured a few thousands eager Sikh minds at our various camps (including the Gurmat camps popularly called Samelans) and hosted more than two dozen camps/events at the Khalsa Land (collectively serving more than 2,000 participants).

Fun and brotherhood: A scene at SNSM Annual Samelan 2019 – Photo: SNSM Facebook
By SNSM Secretariat | UPDATE |

We thank every member and well-wisher of Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia for being part of the journey of this organisation that is dear and near to us all. This is a short note as we head for the AGM on Saturday (Sept 19, 2020).

As in the past years, your Sabha has pushed forward the agenda of Sikhi Parchar (religious enrichment) and Youth Development. Most of our activities feed into these twin purposes.

Over the year, we nurtured a few thousands eager Sikh minds at our various camps (including the Gurmat camps popularly called Samelans) and hosted more than two dozen camps/events at the Khalsa Land (collectively serving more than 2,000 participants). Our teams have travelled the length and breadth of the country to share our Guru’s message. We have strived to fulfil the various needs of the Sikh youth and the Sikh community, in general.

The Covid-19 prevention measures had somewhat scuttled some of our events, but we kept going and intend to come back stronger.

Allow us to capture the salient points of what has been happening in the past year. 

Please go to our website for the 2019 annual report. Click link here.


Annual Gurmat Parchaar Samelan 2019: Over 750 participant and camp volunteers took part in this  one-week signature Sikh camp. This samelan has played a critical role in fortifying the Sikh spirit in our Naujawans. It deploys a camps-within-the mother camp concept. 

The opening day splendour at Khalsa Land was made all the more memorable with the presence of the Sri Dasmesh Band, fresh from their big win at the World Pipe Band Championship in Scotland in August 2019.


Our teams reached out to 19 gurdwaras in Perak, Penang and Kedah to attract new participants to the Samelan.  They also held such sessions in the Klang Valley as well as in Jakarta!

Among the locations visited were Tapah, Malim Nawar, Sikh Settlement, Air Papan, Changkat Tin, Tronoh Mines, Changkat PEC, Batu Gajah, Guru Nanak Institution PEC, Buntong, Ipoh Railway, Wadda Gurdwara Ipoh, Jelapang, Bidor, Police Gurdwara, Sungai Petani, Penang (WGSP), Butterworth and Bayan Baru.


Some key camps during the last year were:

  1. Fellowship Camp, Cameron Highlands (Jan 2020)
  2. enKAURage Retreat at Khalsa Land. Khalsa Land.
  3. Punjabi Bhasha Mela
  4. Hola Mahalla Games
  5. Taiping Mini Samelan (June 2019) (SNSM Perak)
  6. Penang Mini Samelan 2020 (SNSM Penang)
  7. 550th Year Parkash Purab Sri Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji programme

The 27th Punjabi Bhasha Mela (PBM) 2019 was held at APU, Bukit Jalil, in June 2019. This is an important event to propagate the usage of Punjabi mother tongue. The event also keeps the Sabha in touch with the Punjabi educators and students nationwide.

Some 250 students from the various Punjabi Education Centres (PECs) nationwide took part in the two-day event. Participating Teams: Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Selayang, Klang, Petaling Jaya, Mantin, Tanjung Rambutan, Gurpuri, Kampung Pandan, Rawang, Penang and Shah Alam.

Holla Mahalla 2019 winners from Petaling Jaya – Photo: SNSM Facebook

Some 1000 people from 19 Gurdwaras took part in the 20th Holla Mahalla Games held in July 2019. This is another annual event that attracts active participation of eager young Sikhs. The winners: 1st – GS Petaling Jaya, 2nd – GS Pulapol, 3rd – GS High Street. And everyone else who took part!



We are delighted to delighted to share the new space created by our young Sikh ladies. enKaurage! This is a new movement for young Sikh ladies. Some 60 Sikh ladies took part in the three-day EnKAURage Retreat 2.0 at Khalsa Land in July 2019. They are also in touch via social media (check out their Instagram page!). And they have also organised a number of Zoom-powered sessions.

enkaurage 2019 camp at Khalsa Land – Photo: enKaurage Facebook

The Sabha organised the “Daily Prayer for Humanity” from April 1-14 April in collaboration with the SikhInside to encourage families to recite the Mool Mantar & Chaupee Sahib at 7.50pm daily.

We also launched the Covid-19 Humanitarian Aid Relief By Malaysian Sikh (CHARMS) in collaboration with Malaysian Gurdwaras, an initiative to coordinate all relief efforts due the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the country.  The initiative had provided 100,000 meals and 20,000 dry rations for needy individuals and families. SNSM had also provided 800 full bedding supplies/essentials and prepared Langgar for the homeless under this joint relief program with DBKL.

8. SNSM GLOBAL SIKHS – Punjab Flood Disaster Relief

SNSM collaborated with Khalsa Aid to be on-site at Ground Zero, Punjab for flood relief efforts where 600 residents from 15 villagers were given assistance and aid.


The Sabha team looking after this beautiful piece of land in Kuala Kubu Bharu has been working hard to develop the camp site. It is now able to hold large and small programmes. There are already plans being worked on in the Phase 1 of the Development Plan (Multi Purpose Hall and staff quarters).

On the ground itself, most of the planted trees are growing well and some have started to flower and fruit (jackfruit; mango; rambutans; bananas; durians; guava; starfruits; papayas). Come and check them out!


We take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the support and cooperation given. We seek your forgiveness if we had erred when carrying out our duties.

As we strive to continue doing the Guru’s sewa sincerely without any prejudice, we look forward to the coming years, filled with all sorts of challenges. 

As continuity and also being the succession plan of SNSM, the Meet Jathedar Vir Paramjeet Singh will be proposed as the next Jathedar of SNSM. Let us give him our support as we take the Sabha forward.

We also invite with open arms anyone who would like to join us in this sewa and together let’s keep the Sikhi fire burning bright.

Parchar is the Mission. Youth is the Focus. Sanggat always our Pillar.




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