Nanaksar leader death may not be a suicide, suggests Panjab solo broadcaster

By Asia Samachar Team | INDIA |

The death of a Nanaksar group leader on the sidelines of the on-going Indian farmers’ protest is far from an open-and-shut case.

Initially suspected to be a suicide by gun shot, the death yesterday (Dec 16) of Baba Ram Singh, known as the Nanaksar Singhra Karnal Wale, has raised a number of questions, including those concerning the supposed suicide note found by the body.

A solo-operated Panjab online television, which claimed that it had sources connected to the post mortem, has suggested that there may be more than what meets the eye on the incident.

In a report today, SinghNaad TV & Radio said it understood that there were delays in making the police report, and that the report was done in Panipat whereas the incident took place in Sonipat.

“From insider information that we have received, we understand that Baba’s close aides were not with him when the incident occurred,” reported anchor Prahbdeep Singh.

He also alleged that Ram had left one of the Nanaksar centres some months ago after one of his aides was hospitalised for suspected poisoning.

In an initial report yesterday, PTC News reported that the Sikh preacher was believed to have committed suicide at the Kundli Border incident, one of the Delhi spots where thousands of farmers from across India are converging to force the government to withdraw three controversial farm laws.

Baba Ram Singh and his alleged suicide note

Anguished by farmers’ plight, Sikh preacher reportedly commits suicide (Asia Samachar, 16 Dec 2020)


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