Dreams do come true!


By Simha Kaur Jastol | Singapore |

I am one of two Valedictorians for the Class of 2021, an honour bestowed upon me by the Young Sikh Association Singapore (YSA). I never imagined graduating as a Valedictorian of the Class of 2021 (it still feels weird to say that), but somehow here we are!

Honestly, I am still struggling with whether I deserve this (the imposter syndrome is creeping up on me). But I cannot deny that this is the accumulated result of the many people who believed, nurtured and guided me.

In 2019, I was awarded the Women in Business Scholarship from the Singapore Management University to read the Master of Science in Communication Management.

To join the event, 3pm-5pm on 16 Oct 2021, you can register at this link.

I was so excited to be going back to school, to be in an academic environment to discover, learn and improve my skills as a marketing communications professional.

I was in my second semester of graduate school when the lockdowns started and it was the most challenging point of time in my life. I had a great study plan before the pandemic but my entire study routine was thrown into disarray when the learning transitioned online.

I hardly slept, was plagued with self-doubt and constantly felt anxious and panicky. I had to juggle my three sons and their needs, my academic load, work deadlines and my volunteer commitments at the Sikh Welfare Council (SIWEC); it was crushing and proved unbearable at times.

The grades I had in some modules brought me to tears, but I was determined not to throw in the towel and with it everything I had worked for. I was committed and lived my dream every day – I dreamt about graduating with good grades, talked about it and eventually manifested it.

We read about other women’s success stories and I never imagined I would one day write a small one myself. You may not be responsible for the obstacles you face in life but you are definitely responsible for your mindset! Step out of your comfort zone and LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Having said that I must acknowledge that achieving this dream would have been impossible without the support of my family, friends and colleagues. I am ever grateful to them and to Waheguru (God) for delivering me to the finish line. Thank you and I love you all.

(Simha Kaur Jastol is the International Digital Marketing and Corporate Communications Lead at National University of Singapore [NUS]. She and Charanpal Singh will be the valedictorians at the Sikh Graduates Tea Reception on Saturday, 16 Oct 2021, organised by YSA. Simha.The guest of honour of the event is Singapore Opposition Leader Pritam Singh who is also the secretary-general of the Workers’ Party. The note above is adapted from Simha’s LinkedIn entry)


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