Remember your goals!


By Asia Samachar | Singapore |

A new graduate from a Singapore university was asked what was the most precious lesson he picked up in the last one year.

“Always remember what you’re working towards. I may not fully endorse the idea of a rat race but I must say, that at least with a rat race, we’re running towards a goal, something or another that they are striving to achieve,” Charanpal Singh, a recent graduate of the Nanyang Technological University, told Asia Samachar. “Without purpose, it becomes more of a hamster wheel where we’re just going in circles until we’re burnt out. Even motivation may run out but purpose, will always keep you calibrated.”

Charanpal is one of the two valedictorians at the Sikh Graduates Tea Reception today (16 Oct 2021) organised by the Young Sikh Association Singapore (YSA).

Charanpal pursued economics at the university because he said he was always fascinated by how intricately people and their decisions were connected. “Studying economics allows me to better understand how and why these decisions are made,” he said.

Singapore Opposition Leader Pritam Singh, who is also the secretary-general of the Workers’ Party, will be the guest of honour at the event.

To join the event, 3pm-5pm on 16 Oct 2021, you can register at this link.


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