This is so cool. Canada body releases Sikh stock images!

Sikh stock images made available by WSO CanadaSikh stock images made available by WSO Canada

By Asia Samachar | Canada |

A Canada-based Sikh organisation has made available images capturing Sikhs in everyday life as well as in jobs in pharmacy, nursing and trucking.

The project, undertaken by the World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO), is to make available to the media at large photos representing the Sikh community.

“We are so excited to announce the release of our stock image project! Sikh representation matters! To ensure the Sikh community is represented accurately, the WSO has released hundreds of stock images that are available for free for anyone in the world to use,” WSO said in a social media posting.

“We are working on uploading more images to several popular stock image websites in the coming weeks to get as much exposure as possible. Feel free to use these images in your next presentation or project!” Go here for the photos.

In its efforts to promote and protect the interest of Sikhs in Canada, WSO has been to the Supreme Court of Canada on numerous occasions fighting and protecting the rights of Sikhs, and other faiths, to freely practice their religion.

In October, WSO leadership met with Canadian lawmakers from the three largest political parties, based on their parliamentary strength, as part of its advocacy on issues like accommodation of Sikhs in the workplace, Bill 21, International Students, Foreign Interference and Afghan Sikhs.


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