Great things don’t come easy, says Miss Global finalist

Shah Alam-born Amrit Kaur Dhillon represented Malaysia at Miss Global 2015 finals in Manila

| Malaysia | 5 Dec 2016 | Asia Samachar |
Amrit Kaur Dhillon: Miss Global 2015 finalist
Amrit Kaur Dhillon: Miss Global 2015 finalist

Shah Alam-born Amrit Kaur Dhillon has a penchant for taking on challenges.

Amrit was the Malaysian representative to the Miss Global 2015 pageant finals in Manila, Philippines.

But the road to Manila was tough. The Miss Malaysia Global 2015 had to juggle preparation for the pageant with her law studies, exams and a part time job.

“It was a challenge to keep everything in balance,” Amrit tells Asia Samachar in an email interview.

Her advise to her young brothers and sisters: “Great things don’t come easy, and easy things are not great either.”



Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Shah Alam and grew up there as well. After I completed my schooling, I went to Canada to pursue my studies. After Grade 12, I came back to Malaysia to study law. At the same time, I got an offer for two music videos, with a lead role in one of them. Since then I started modelling part time. I did a couple of music videos and hosted Bollywood/Punjabi TV programme which was produced by White Merpati Entertainments. I took a break from modelling when I came to England to focus on my final year. I graduated with Upper Second Class in my Law degree. I then took on a post graduate course in law and at the same time continued my modelling after my graduation in UK.

What about your family?

My father, Ikbal Singh Dhillon, better known as Dave, is a businessman. There are millions of things I would like to mention about him and that would still not be enough. A tremendously hardworking and selfless man he is, who dedicated his life to his family for their happiness and for his children’s education. He is a down to earth man and has taught me how to live a truthful living. To me, he has always been an example in life and the best person to seek for advice when I need one.

My beautiful mom, Amarjit Kaur, is a house wife. She teaches Punjabi during the weekend in Gurdwara Sahib Guru Nanak, Shah Alam. People often tell me that I am a carbon copy of her with regards to looks. She is a highly motivated lady and never gives up in whatever situation. She is a strong pillar of the family and has taught me how to work hard. My elder sister, Dr Sangeet Kaur Dhillon, is a medical doctor while my younger brother Davinder Jeet Singh Dhillon is a medical student.

Amrit Kaur Dhillon: Miss Malaysia Global 2015
Amrit Kaur Dhillon: Miss Malaysia Global 2015

What are you doing now?

I have completed my post graduate. In the meantime, I am travelling as well as focusing on my upcoming modelling/acting projects.

How did you come to take part in the Miss Global beauty pageant?

I have a profile on a modelling site and I was approached by the ambassador of the Miss Global to give it a try. You provide all the details required and wait for the results. I answered some interview questions and got a good number of votes. Within a month or two I got an email saying I had been selected to represent Malaysia for the Miss Global Pageant 2015.

What did you learn from the contest?

This was my first ever pageant. I must say I was blessed that I had an opportunity to represent my native country. It wasn’t an easy journey but it taught me so much and moulded me in a way where I have become much stronger and wiser. I am proud to be a girl who reached this stage on her own efforts. I did not have anyone to guide me in preparing for the pageant. I had to prepare myself and train myself within 2-3 months, on my own, to be able to compete in this pageant. I had to learn each and every single thing from scratch. It was challenging as I had exams coming and a part time job in the UK back then. It was a challenge to keep everything in balance. I had no clue whom to tap for advise and on choosing a designer to design my outfits. I became my own teacher and my own judge. It was tough, I struggled, but I did not give up. But it was worth it.

I am never camera shy but I used to get nervous each time I get on stage despite having performed on stage a lot of times. It was challenging. I overcame my fears in my journey of Miss Global. When I did my final walk on the stage during the finale, wearing an international costume designed to present our cultural diversity, I had goose bumps. I was proud to represent Malaysia. It was a huge responsibility.

What of fashion appeals to you?

Fashion itself! It has its own language… people with style have a strong presence and that presence creates an impression! To me, fashion is a big word. It has no rules and no specific definition. It is an art… you can create your own style, and define your fashion. Some choose to be defined by fashion, some define fashion. You are either ruled by it or you rule it. Either way, it expresses you. That’s the beauty of it.


What is your advise to the young boys and girls out there?

Many of us don’t know our capabilities unless and until we step out of our comfort zone. We must not fear failure. Some parents restrict their children from anything other than education. Everyone deserves a chance to try something that they always wished to do. You never know what is there for you until you step forward. Be true to yourself no matter what you do in life, believe in yourself and never let anyone to put you down. It’s a tough world out there and it’s going to be very challenging. But here’s the thing: great things don’t come easy, and easy things are not great either.


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