Jesse Singh: New Sikh power broker under Trump administration?

| Washington, US | 29 Jan 2017 | Asia Samachar |
SPECIAL MOMENT: Jesse Singh shaking hands with President Trump at the inauguration prayer session at the Washington National Cathedral – PHOTO / REUTERS

Sikhs globally did not miss the presence of Sikh-American Jesse Singh at the inauguration prayers at the Washington National Cathedral the morning after Donald Trump took the oath of office as the US President.

Sikh media prominently ran clips of the Jesse who said an ardas at the event on 21 Jan 2017.

Jesse, one of the 26 faith-based representatives, was listed as the chairman of the Board of Sikh Associations of Baltimore, Md.

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But his presence there was more due to the support he threw behind Trump at the early stage of his campaign, going against the grain of real politics as Trump had predominantly relied on white support base to win the election.

“I was always confident that he would win. But I also realised that when he wins, our community will be nowhere on his radar. So, despite all the hate messages I decided to stick with him,” Jesse was quoted in a BBC article (See: Trump’s Hindu, Sikh and Muslim power brokers, BBC, 24 Jan 2017).

Jesse was branded a “traitor” for supporting Trump and claims to have been subjected to “personal attacks at community gatherings”, the report added.

Now, after Trump made the extraordinary journey to the White House, Jesse and Tarar have been approached by community members with resumes, looking for jobs in the new administration, the report said.

In March 2016, a group of Sikhs and Muslims mostly from South Asian countries had joined the Donald Trump bandwagon in the US state of Maryland, asserting that the Republican presidential frontrunner is “not against” their communities.

Under the banner of “Sikh Americans for Trump” and “Muslim Americans for Trump” scores of Sikhs and Muslims held their first meeting in a suburb of Washington DC in Maryland, wherein a representative from the Trump campaign addressed them.

Organisers of the event – from both the Sikh and Muslim communities – argued that the view of Trump about minority community has been “twisted” and “taken out of context” by the mainstream media and claimed that the 69-year-old billionaire real estate magnet would create more jobs in the country which would benefit he minorities, reports IBNLive.

“He (Trump) is not at all against the Sikhs or the Muslim community. What he says is given spin. The mainstream media gives a spin. Because they are scared of him. He is not the status quo. He is not taking anybody’s money,” said Jesse, whose real name is Jasdip Singh, who helped organised the “Sikh Americans for Trump” in Maryland.

“When he talks about Muslims, he does not talk about all Muslims or American Muslims. He spoke in the context of the refugee crisis that was happening in Syria. We (Sikhs) agree with him. Muslim (Americans) agree with him that we should not bring people into this country before we can vet them. And this was a temporary measures proposed by him,” he  said.


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