Girl, So What?

Empowerment of women begins at home. Columnist TARANJIT KAUR argues it is time our society lets go of the belief that the birth of a baby girl deserves little joy

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The primitive era mindset undermining females sadly transcended generations into the 21st century, positioning girls as an inferior gender. Despite modernisation and rampant globalisation, the limiting belief makes its deep rooted presence felt, thousands of kilometers away from Punjab! More often than not, with aunty jis retorting such remarks, clearly indicating lack of respect for oneself.

Coming to terms with such comments took awhile, as I prioritised a healthy child, gender came later. After all, who’s to undermine a blessing, that too on the pretext of gender?!

While old is gold, I disagreed completely with the viewpoints some of our community’s respected members held dear. I concluded that wisdom, too, loses its significance if not sharpen overtime. Standing up for my daughter, and females at large felt good, after all, someone had to speak up, that it is not okay to say – never mind, it’s a girl!

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It is unacceptable for any person, young or old, to discriminate one simply for being born as a girl. Sad it is for those who continue to hold dear the equation that the birth of a boy completes the household.

Every child is a beacon of hope and immense potential, with or without the stamp ‘male’. Breaking the traditional belief that gender determines worth is vital, especially in this age where a child’s worth is determined by upbringing and the values we sow.

Lucky we are that in a country like Malaysia. Numerous efforts are spearheaded to empower females to realise their truest abilities, with education being accessible to all. Then why lament the birth of a girl?

It is a shared responsibility that we prohibit conversations within our households and our sphere of reach which in this day, continue to belittle females! Where does the male hail from, if not the womb of a female? The truth is, it is in our hands to groom ours girls as leaders, who are self-reliant, independent, and confident. Rejoice the birth of females too, that’s all! It is not a competition, its about long term stability. The truth is, we need females, they too matter in their unique ways.

Taranjit Kaur is a Kuala Lumpur based executive who gets involved in Sikh activities. 

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