Day 21:  Fareeda jaa lab taa nayhu kiaa?


 By Surinder Kaur Sohan Singh | SIKHI STUDY | OPINION

Day 21:

Fareeda jaa lab taa nayhu kiaa?

Lab taa koora nayhu (SGGS 1378)

Lab is Greed. Nayhu means Love. Koora means of no value.

Bhagat Fareedji poses a question for us in the first line. In the second line He gives the answer to the question.

Bhagatji says when we have greed for worldly objects then what kind of love can there be in our hearts for God?

Even if there is love, it will be a very selfish kind of love.

Does this line apply to me also? Is my love for God also selfish and do I profess this love just to fulfil my own desires?

Normally whenever we are asked to do something we always ask this question: “What is the benefit in it for me?”

Very few people in the world perform selfless actions. We always think of personal benefits before we do anything.

What if we stop thinking about the benefits for a moment and start by asking the following question. What are my losses if I carry on this self-centred behaviour? What are the losses to me personally, my family, my society, the world.

A selfish action is a vice. If I carry on thinking of benefits ONLY to me, I am propagating a vice in me.

If instead, I ask this question: By practicing this vice, what are the losses I am incurring to myself and to everyone around me?

If this AWARENESS comes to me and I understand that with every selfish act of mine, I am incurring huge losses for myself, then I might try to prevent these losses in the future.

What are these losses to me personally, and also to the people around me?

The line below makes me aware of these losses:

So sukh mo ko Sant bathaavahu

Thrisna boojhai man  thripthaavai. (SGGS 179)

Because of my selfish attitude I have a very restless and unsatisfied mind. It keeps on asking for more and more. Before I can fulfil one desire, it is ready with the next desire. This disease that my mind is suffering from is called THRISNA.

The symptoms of this disease is anxiety, depression and restlessness. Because of my this state of mind I am of no use to myself and also to others around me. I create unhappiness wherever I go.

I am looking for someone who can help me to put out the fire of THRISNA in my mind and make it contented (thripthaavai).

The answer to my question is with the Guru/Sant.

Guruji says that my mind needs to become contented if I am desiring SUKH (Happiness). When I am in a good state of mind, only then will I be able to help others to reach to that state of Happiness.

Guruji gives me the answer on how to go about doing it in the following line:

Ja kai HAR DHAN soee soheila.

Dhan means wealth. Soheila means happy There are 2 kinds of wealth that can be collected. Worldly wealth (money, properties, jewellery, etc). Spiritual wealth (Contentment, Compassion, Love, Humanity, Humility, Giving, Caring).

Guruji has explained to me the difference between these 2 kinds of wealth. Worldly wealth is temporary and brings with it worry that it will be stolen, it will not last and I will have to leave it behind when I depart from this world. Spiritual wealth on the other hand cannot be stolen from me, it is permanent (I can take it along with me when I leave this world) and it brings with it peace and happiness.

This spiritual wealth has to be collected by using the wisdom of the Guru. As my spiritual wealth grows, the vices that were bothering me earlier (THRISNA) has started to lose its power and now it doesn’t pose any problems for me anymore. It has become my friend and it leaves me alone.

The spiritual wealth has helped my mind to become peaceful and happy.

Surinder Kaur Sohan Singh is a Malaysia-based Gurbani enthusiast. This is an edited version of her regular articles shared within a circle of fellow Sikhi seekers. The articles appear on Mondays and Thursdays.

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