Akal Takht moves against Sikh preachers Dhadrianwale and Harinder

L-R: Akal Takht acting jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh, UK-based Harinder Singh and Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale
By Asia Samachar Team | INDIA |

After months of wrangling and open spats, the Akal Takht has taken action against two popular Sikh preachers.

In a meeting in Amritsar, Punjab, yesterday (24 Aug),Akal Takht acting jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh said gurdwaras have been asked not to allow programmes for Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale and UK-based Harinder Singh, until they appear before the Akal Takht.

Leading a team of panj pyarey, Harpreet said they had received a report from a sub-committee formed earlier to investigate allegations against Dhadrianwale for allegedly distorting the religious and historical facts.

Harpreet also asked Sikhs not to listen to or share his online videos. The decision is expected to be widely debated.

The Sikh jathedars, who wield sway on the larger Sikh community globally, have also asked Sikhs not to listen to his online preaching or share them forward, a decision that is expected to be widely debated.

In the same sitting, Harpreet also announced that Sikhs not to allow programmes by UK-based preacher from the Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK for not responding to an earlier complaint against him.

These were among a clutch of issues deliberated by the panj pyarey in the marathon meeting.

True to his style, Dhadrianwale had put out an immediate video response in which he said: “Jathedars! Bring proof and I’m ready to bow down in front of you.” See here.

Dhadrianwale took issue with the Akal Takht order which also cautioned gurdwara management committees that they would be held responsible for any ‘untoward incident’ should they allow him to take on the stage. After a few disturbances by groups opposing his preaching, Dhadrianwale had suspended all stage programmes since February.

The once Baba-style preacher, who has now taken on a more rationale-based presentation, has strongly denounced what he considers to be anti-Gurbani, cult-like practices of certain Sikh religious groups. His Gurmat views did not sit down well with many groups.

He was earlier summoned by the Akal Takht to appear before a five-men committee to answer charges against his purported derogation of certain traditional practices.

But he has refused to meet the committee until and unless the Akal Takht first investigates travesties and wrongdoings committed by others before him which, he claimed, had irrevocably damaged the image, sanctity, honour and status of Guru Granth Sahib and Akal Takht. Some quarters had also raised issue with the committee make-up while others have criticised him for not appearing before the panj pyarey.




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