MGC Istri Satsang annual back with renewed vigour


By Dr Amarjeet Kaur | Malaysia |

The Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) Istri Satsang will be holding our 11th Istri Satsang annual semagam or selana semagam from the August 25 to 27 at the Tatt Khalsa Diwan Selangor.

This semagam has been a point of meeting for all the Istri Satsangs of West Malaysia since 2010. After a brief interruption in our activity, due to Covid, we are back in action with renewed vigour.

We expect this to be our largest attended event so far, with participations from the north, central, east and south of the peninsula. The program starts on the afternoon of the 25th at 3pm with Sukhmani Sahib.

An interesting program has been planned over the 3 days, covering various topics involving the Sikh community. Highlights will include spiritual sessions in the mornings and the evenings with paath, kirtan and katha by the Istri Sat Sang ladies and invited speakers.

A public forum has been arranged on Saturday morning at 9am. This session is open to all the sangat and will be held in the Wisma Tatt Khalsa. Attendance is free. The subject matter will be “Updates in Early Childhood Care.”

Expert speakers will be updating us on the latest development in the care and upbringing of toddlers, being the most important period of learning in their life. Much has changed in the concepts of early childhood development, education and nutrition. MGC Istri Satsang found it necessary to create awareness in all the caretakers, namely parents , grandparents and others so that we are able to work together for the betterment of our next generation.

A concurrent “Kids Workshop”, will be organised at the same premises to cater for any accompanying children below 12 years of age with the help of SNSM Malaysia. Accompanying teenagers are encouraged to join the forum. In addition there will be a workshop to brainstorm on how the Istri Satsangs can further improve our services in the gurdwaras to benefit the community.

But rest assured it’s not all work. We have a line up of fun activities, games, laughter therapy and fun aerobics to keep the ladies happy hormones flowing.

A formal dinner and show has been arranged for the participants to show our appreciation to all the Istri Satsang ladies in the country who have worked silently and tirelessly all these years in their respective gurdwaras. MGC and it’s Istri Satsang committee is grateful for the amazing show of support received from all the states.

This year’s program is being organised in collaboration with the Tatt Khalsa Diwan Selangor, who has offered us their premises and facilities and also sponsored all our meals. Their support has been in the true spirit of the Panth.

This event is open to all Sikh ladies above age 20. We look forward in anticipation, to meeting up with all our dear penjis, new and old and especially so our most senior and pioneer Matajis who have been instrumental in one way or another in starting the Istri Satsang groups all over the country.

For furthur infomation contact Penji Surinder Kaur 012-2354650.

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(Dr Amarjeet Kaur is the Chairperson of the MGC Istri Satsang Malaysia)


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