Early Childhood Care Public Forum for Sikh parents – Aug 25, 2023


By Dr Amarjeet Kaur | Malaysia |

The early childhood period of a child is where the brain develops the fastest and is most receptive to learning. It is a period that is crucial and requires our special attention. This is a period where your child will develop his/her securities, confidence, languages, emotional and social skills, cognitive or thinking abilities and character. The later years of their lives will be built on these foundations.

In the long run it will affect their academic studies, jobs, relationships and lifestyle.

In the 60’s and 70’s and even 80’s, the early childhood period of the child’s life was left to free play. Play is natural and a way of learning, but we did not use play for constructive teaching. Then it was thought that learning starts only around age 6. However there is ample data now to show us that actually learning starts at birth.

Environment is another factor that has a great role to play in their development. Evidence shows that with adequate nurturing, care, nutrition, education and stimulus in a timely manner, children will develop fully both intellectually and physically.

In today’s scenario the toddlers are being left in the care of either the grandparents, maids or daycare centers for the most part of the waking hours. Parents leave for work early in the mornings and are only back in the evenings. Few have a choice in this. It’s extremely challenging for them to provide optimal care for their children in the little remaining time that they have. The standard of nurturing and stimulus will depend to a large degree on these other caretakers. It’s important for these caretakers, especially the grandparents, to update themselves on the latest in childcare.

At the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) Istri Satsang, we recognize this need. As a result, we are organising a Public Forum on Early Childhood Care on the 25th of August at Wisma Tatt Khalsa Selangor as part of our annual semagam.

We are bringing to you a panel of experts whose knowledge and experiences will help you understand better your roles in helping to bring up the next generation. Parenting style may have changed from generation to generation, but there is much good in the older way that we need to preserve and not throw out in the name of change. At the same time much research has been done to guide us with new parenting styles.

We all need to be on the same page so that we do not have conflicts among us and the already stressed parents do not have to fight to get their way. After all, children are primarily the responsibility of parents. Parents, too, need to understand that the retired grandparents have a limit to what they can offer.

Today’s toddlers will have a totally different world to survive in. With new and unimaginable developments in technology at a superfast speed like AI , one cannot begin to imagine what the world will be like for them. We need to give our next generation an optimal foundation to prepare them for the challenges ahead.

The forum is open to all Sikh parents and grandparents (including men). The details of the Forum is as below


Venue: Wisma Tatt Khalsa
Date : 25 August 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 9am – 1pm.

Please be on time

A Kid’s Workshop will be run in the same premises by the Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM) to cater for any accompanying children below 12yrs age. Teenagers are encouraged to attend the forum.

Lunch will be provided

Contact: Penji Surinder Kaur 012-2354650


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