Selayang incident: I’m appalled with the lies

Harpreet Kaur captures the scene at Gurdwara Sahib Selayang on 16 Dec 2016 when two men were apparently tried to disrupt a presentation by Dr Karminder Singh on 'Ek Granth, Ek Panth, Ek Maryada'


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I am appalled by the number of lies with regards to the Selayang Naujawan program.

I was present in the sangat. Dr Karminder Singh was invited by Selayang youth to give his parchaar. The Granthi ji recited an extra shabad upon Dr Karminder’s request as sangat was still settling in.

Dr Karminder’s katha was delayed due to technical difficulties. He began his katha without slides. He started out by mentioning that there is only One Granth in the spiritual universe that starts with a numeral one (1), and went on to explain the pangti ‘Eka bani ek gur eko shabad vichaar’ on page 646 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS). Dr Karminder meaningfully connected it with the slogan ‘Ek Granth, Ek Panth, Ek Maryada’. Then he explained the concept of ‘acceptance’, again with support of SGGS verses. He was talking about fully accepting and surrendering to his Hukm. Nothing controversial here.

Dr Karminder then proceeded to explain the mool mantar/manglacharan verse.

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When he was concluding his talk towards the final few minutes, a young local man from Selayang stood up to respectfully ask if it was going to be one way or two way discussion. He continued mumbling on and nobody could understand him. Dr Karminder turned to the committee to ask whether they were allowing a question and answer session. Dr Karminder was asked to continue his lecture. The young man was requested by the sanggat to sit down. He did.

Dr Karminder proceeded to talk about how the creator is inside us, which is explaining karta purakh. Dr Karminder said God looks after his creation and us, regardless of our prayers. If the Creator’s hand/protection/blessings wasn’t with us, then we wouldn’t even be alive. Everything is based on His Will.

The same young man stood up to mumble something again. The ladies side got impatient and some shouted at him and also signaled him to sit down. Some men requested the same too.

At this point, an older man stood up and began shouting and swearing vulgarities in the darbar sahib. He was requested through hand gestures by many people, including Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) president Jagir Singh, to behave. Jagir did not stand up. The senior granthi and others approached the shouting man and told him to stop. In return, he shouted back at them. No one could understand the shouting man. He kept shouting for Dr Karminder to repeat his words “Ek Granth is only Sri Guru Granth Sahib”. He was also shouting at everyone around him that told him to be quiet.

Dr Karminder said that we were sitting in the Guru’s darbar, hence we should speak with politeness and love, and shouldn’t argue.

By this time Dr Karminder’s time was up. The granthi ji went to sit next to Dr Karminder on stage to start off Anand Sahib. Dr Karminder then concluded by saying fateh to the Sanggat and Anand Sahib prayers proceeded.

Dr Karminder stepped off the stage and sat back in the Sanggat and followed through the prayers right till after semapthi.

During the distribution of degh, granthi ji educated the sangat to go on and ask any questions outside of the diwan AFTER a speaker completes his talk, and not to interrupt any katha (discourse). The Sanggat then stated a jaikara at this point to indicate support for the granthi ji’s stand.

I proceeded to go down for langgar. I saw the young and old man being approached by the local Sanggat members. The Sanggat were not happy and was stating their displeasure to the ruckus caused by the two men.

Many in the Sanggat, including ladies, approached Dr Karminder to apologise for the disruption.

None of the two men approached Dr Karminder to discuss anything. This would have been the right time to ask and clarify respectfully. There was no need to show anger in Guru’s presence especially since its damaging only us.

It is clear that this incident is nothing more than an attempted ruckus by two individuals – one from Selayang and the other whom I learnt from the Sanggat came from outside Selayang. The Sanggat was visibly displeased with the rude actions of these two.

In the end, my objective is to connect to SGGS and to listen and to learn, even un-learn, if need be. I am certainly new to Selayang Gurdwara. However, from what I experienced, the Sanggat was polite and cared that I enjoyed my evening.

This is what saw and experienced at the Selayang programme. Such lies being told on Facebook, its disgusting.

Harpreet Kaur, a Kuala Lumpur-based corporate executive, was part of the team that organised the ‘Women In Sikhi: Beyond Gender’ conference in Petaling Jaya in October 2016.


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  1. Meera,rather strange is it not, that you selectively become deaf,blind,and play dumb,faced by the lovely kid and the NEW evil spreading pornic lies in the name of the Guru.

  2. It is very strange, those who oppose the concept of UNITY in all aspects of the Sikh Panth either appear to misinformed deliberately or selectively choose to misunderstand, with mischeivious intents; or being plain ignorant coupled with heap of stupidity, or simply have no clue about the languages, as much as they claim

    Many such slogans have been in vogue throughout Sikh history.Such words as EK, at once convey the message of ONE, have been used in the pre partition provinces of Sheikupura, and also Lyalpur, during the reformist Singh Sabha movements.
    Master Tara Singh, the one time unthroned Badhsha of Sikhs, had used the slogan “Ek Granth Ek panth jive, te main maran”

    The Dharam Yudh Morcha march which began from Amritsar led by Sant Haracharan Singh Longowal, between 1982 -1984,which I had the fortune of witnessing,had slogans such as “ek granth ek panth , jit panth ki , jit Granth ki, granth rahega taan panth rahega” and many more.

    No thunder storms erupted, nor hail storms fell until January 1984, among the Sikhs, with the use of those slogans.

    What we see today, the actions of two insignificant and unimportant minions of men,is the reflection of the lowest form of human behaviour, considering this was the magnificient darbar of the Guru, that shows the way for us to live with dignity, while adopting the CREATOR within us, within our life and worldy journey.

    The vulgarites, and the subsequent attempted intimidation of a parcharak, can only be condemned in the strongest words for the ego laden lowest form of humanity, displayed by the two, miscreants.
    Shame, our community, that was one of the most peaceful, 99.9% of our Gurduaras were enjoined in the EK Panthic Maryada, are now disjointed due to clody and boorishly uncouth words and actions of one man,who sought help of the SYNDROME of Lies,in the attempt to mislead and distable the entire community, with clouded and dubious books from equally shaddy origins.

    What, I cannot understand is this matter has been resolved about 100 years ago, by the Panth.There is NO way the Panth will go back upon its decision. Yet these little ego’d man or men are behaving as if they have just discovered this vile teachings from the bachitter natak, that need to be adopted on their heresay and insistence.
    Equally amazingly, I see so many arguing, and then indulging in name calling, yet they cannot understand the grammer or the simple two words EK GRANTH, given the low of the lowly standard of tuti futti Punjabi language.
    Showing their own narcissistic disordered personality, it appears none of them have read the book and two words they are arguing about against others.

    The blind, leading the sighted and saying the sky is GREEN, and the Sun is the moon!This reminds of the book by Salman Rushdie, as hundereds were demonstrating on streets of London, when asked by the reporters, have you read the book, the answers came NO.Yet like fools, they were stampeding and raging,exposing the uncouth culture like these two, while suffering in cold!Someone said, what a bunch of monkeys.
    However these two, should be condemned in soft words for their disgraceful behaviour in a Gurduara.They cannot love Guru Granth sahib as they profess or claim.LIARS!

  3. Such people exist everywhere. It is for remaining wise people to ignore them and keep up the good work. This is a ‘test’ thrown at wise people by Him. We can pass it by not distracting ourselves too much and ignoring the noises made. Instead if we try to reply such people, we just get distracted from our larger goal. Nothing much can be achieved by replying to them. Waheguru ji di fateh!

  4. One man can create so many problems. all of a sudden our sanggat is bad n a new ‘kid’ on the block is good.
    rather strange isn’t it?


    Darshan S. Dhillon: It disgusting indeed to see gutless people creating and than hiding under fake profiles when commenting, sharing or even highlighting issues.

    Raunak Singh: Should have taken their photos n showcase this 2 morons on social media.

    Sukvin Angel: Well done Bibi Harpreet Kaur… The two should be punished in presence of our 5 piarey.

    Raspal Kaur Sidhu: Thank you Harpreet Kaur.

    Mulder Bhandal: Who to belief nowdays??

  6. This reminds me of another recent case of Ipoh Wadda Gurdwara Sahib elections and there have several cases when Sikhs misbehave when it comes to Sikhi and Sanggat matters. Sad but true.

    Sadly this may be common in most religions with some being violent and that also in the name of the RELIGION.
    Gur Fateh.

  7. Malaysian Sikhs have always been known for their intellectual abilities and resolving any disputes or difference in views without threats and violence. We Malaysian Sikhs should salute our forefathers they never fought over differences, although not having the formal education we today pride ourselves, they respected and dealt with each other with love. “Sikh Sikh upar varaat paran” a Sikh will sacrifice his life for another is what our history has enriched us and Guru Granth Sahib Ji blessed us with Sangat the spiritual togetherness. It is time the leadership on both sides tell their followers that violence is a sign of intellectual defeat. DO NOT shame our great heritage and slip into emotionally driven anger which has no basis. Let us try to remain the children of the great GURU and not get adopted by Prithi Chand and masands.

  8. When Sikhs behave with such blatent deception u wonder what kind of teachings they are imbibing. Why get so defensive against the claim of 1 granth for all Sikhs? How can it stir your blood to have the angs of SGGSji referred to as pages….yet u docilely meta tek to Bangkok pipliwaley in the darbar and presense of SGGSji without any qualms??

  9. Gurfateh Jios.

    Minions who would not dare whisper in the Court of even an ordinary Magistrate…dare STAND UP and shout VULGARITIES in the same breath as SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI MAHARAJ DHAN DHAN DHAN…jives very well with their fake Ids such as Fuddu Chacha or Landoo Taiyah, who will claim they were sharpening the pencils for Guru Gobind Singh Ji while he was wriiting or following Guru Ji around with a voice recorder to record his every word and that mere Gyanis like Gyan Singh or Bhai Santokh Singh Sooraj parkahs Bhai Kahn Singh nabha etc etc wrote Sabh Sikhann Ko Hukm Hai Guru MANIO GRANTH because they did not hear Guru Ji saying that which the entire 30 million SIKHS worldwide recite daily in their ardass is a fake as their fake ids. When all else fails, as the saying goes..Teri khanndeh dee dahrree hildee ahh strawman argument….when they found empty space between the ears, they found the excuse that the EK GRANTH as mentioned by Guru Manio GRANTH should have been AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI MAHARAJ and its sacrilege to call the short form.
    Outright lies, fake Ids, threats of violence , acts of hidden violence, those who never stop shouting that they highly RESPECT Guru Gobind Singh do acts directly OPPOSITE of what the Guru Sahibs did. Guru Sahibs always WARNED and never stabbed in the back, nincompoops could only throw bricks in the dark, with lights off and speeding off as fast as possible form the scene. This behaviour is worse than the opponents of the Gurus on the battlefileds because those too had honour and dignity as warriors . Its such a shame that such people claim to be better sikhs, holier than thou sikhs in actual fact are none of that. The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in 5800++ shbads doesnt have a single tuk that justifies such boorishness. Disrupting the Court of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraj by standing up in defiance of sangat and shouting obscenities is unforgivable under any circumstances and the lies and fabrications under fake Ids makes it much more heinous. Highly suspicious that these acts expose the real intentions of these miscreants – to bring disrepute to the Darbar of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.