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| Statement | Selayang, Malaysia19 Dec 2016 Asia Samachar |

Gurdwara Sahib Selayang Baru (GSSS) committee president Gurmit Singh has issued a statement to clarify the misinformation spread via the social media on an incident at the gurdwara.

After the talk by Dr Karminder Singh at the gurdwara on 16 Dev 2016, the gurdwara’s Facebook page, managed by a Selayang youth, had run a statement that did not sit down well with the committee.

In the Facebook posting, the gurdwara was supposedly critical of the invited speaker.

During the evening session, Karminder’s talk on the ‘Ek Granth, Ek Panth, Ek Maryada’ in the Gurdwara Sahib Selayang’s (GSS) darbar sahib (prayer hall) was interrupted twice by two Sikh men on the pretext of raising questions, something not commonly done in talks in the darbar sahib.


Asia Samachar has confirmed the statement reproduced below:


We refer to the incident on 16 December 2016 night  during talk by Dr. Karminder Singh

In GSSB DARBAR SAHIB there was disruption caused by 2 person.

Following above there was a FALSE POSTING of the incident  which appeared under the GSSB FACEBOOK PAGE :

  1. That the GSSB committee is offering apologies for what transpired in GSSB as no such

statement was made by the GSSB committee.

  1. That the committee had no idea that such speech was given. This was not stated by the

committee. In fact the speaker only spoke from SGGSji.

  1. That since the incident happened in GSSB, we apologise and this mistake will not happen again.
  1. That Dr. Karminder Singh barred from speaking in future.

We  categorically state that the above statements under our GSSB FACEBOOK was put up without our knowledge or permission.

Hence we request authorities to investigate who had put up this false story on the GSSB FACEBOOK about the incident.

GSSB COMMITTEE  APOLOGISE TO DR. KARMINDER SINGH on what happened on the 16/12/2016 night.

Thank you,


President GSSB.


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